Adelgazar 5 Kilos

How to lose 5 kilos after the Holidays

Here we tell you how to detoxify your body and even lose 5 kilos naturally.

The holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and welcome a new year with good vibes.

But they are also a time when we overindulge in food and drinks, leaving our body with bloating, heaviness and even extra kilos.

Get back to your routine
Say hello to the Kings and Christmas treats until next year.

The faster you get back to your routine of healthy and varied eating, the closer you will be to the goal of losing 5 kilos.

Remember to always have fresh, seasonal produce in the fridge, ready to eat.

Don’t know how to include variety in your diet? start with colors! Have fruits and vegetables of all colors that you can find washed, peeled and chopped to eat.

It is normal that after so much food, the body feels hungry or can’t get enough quickly.

If this is a problem for you, we recommend adding a natural satiating and appetite suppressant product to your diet to help you at the beginning.

Adelgazar 5 Kilos

Eliminate toxins
Just as we clean the house after a party, it is necessary to purify our body of all the excesses we had.

To do this naturally, turmeric is our best ally.

This root stimulates the production and secretion of bile, which favors the purification of the liver.

You can take it in tea, add it to preparations or consume it in tablets if you want something more practical.

If your goal is to lose 5 kilos, we recommend Curcumax, which combines turmeric with pepper to reactivate the metabolism and lose weight.

Complete cleansing
You may have had a lot of excesses not only during the holidays, but also in the last months of the year.

If this is the case, you may want to try a more comprehensive purification of the whole body and lose up to 5 kilos.

We recommend Siluet Slim, Draining and Burning Syrup.

This natural preparation is ideal for fluid retention and weight loss in a short time. It acts as a diuretic, digestive, burner and liver protector, for an overall cleansing of the digestive system.

It is also very simple to consume, since you dilute it in water. In this way you cleanse your organism while hydrating yourself.

Adelgazar 5 kilos

The Secret
If you feel the need to snack all the time, a Tweeg formula based on plant extracts can be of great help to lose the pounds accumulated during the Holidays.

Sazia-T helps limit food intake by creating a natural feeling of satiety. It decreases the nervousness that causes compulsive snacking and thus allows you to regain your weight more quickly.

Get moving!
Losing 5 kilos in winter can be seen as a difficult goal. In order not to lose motivation, it is key to find a physical activity that we enjoy.

We know that aerobic exercise is par excellence recommended for weight loss. But it is also important to find an activity that generates pleasure and reconnects us with our body.

In this way, it will be easier to maintain it over time and achieve a stable weight for longer.