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How often should I do facial cleansing?

Taking care of our facial skin should be a daily habit. But we should also complete it with a deep facial cleansing that, depending on our skin type, we should do more or less frequently.

Today we will tell you everything you need to know to schedule your facial cleansing.

What is a facial cleansing?
Deep facial cleansing is a treatment performed by a professional, through which the remains of dead skin, blackheads and dirt accumulated on the face are removed.

It consists of a series of stages in which specific products are applied according to the type of skin in question.

The facial cleansing that we perform in our aesthetic center in Barcelona include:

Deep cleansing
Toner application
Hot steam spray
Manual removal of blackheads
Application of essential oils to revitalize and soothe the skin
Delicate and relaxing massage
Application of a mask
And finally we apply a moisturizer depending on skin type
Frequency of facial cleansing
Unlike the daily cleansing that we should perform in the mornings and evenings, facial cleansing requires a different type of frequency.

As it is a professional deep cleansing procedure, you must respect certain times between sessions, and always perform it in a trusted esthetic center.

The number of facial cleansings you should have per year depends on different factors.

In principle, your skin type.

If you have dry skin, you can do a facial cleansing every five or six months and take care to moisturize it deeply.

If, on the other hand, you have combination or oily skin, you can advance your facial cleansing to every two months or every three months.

It always depends on the care you give to your skin, you can lengthen the time between facial cleansing.


The environment in which you live or work also determines the frequency.

If you work in a greasy and humid space, such as a kitchen, you should do one session per month to maintain your skin’s hygiene.

If you suffer from acne, it is also advisable to perform it once a month in conjunction with an appropriate treatment.

For a more specific consultation, you can come to our aesthetic center in Barcelona so we can assist you and evaluate your particular skin.

Benefits of facial cleansing
Now that you know how often you should do a facial cleansing, we remind you of the benefits of the treatment.

It is perfect for removing dead skin cells, dirt and impurities.
It achieves a more decongested face and reduces pore size.
It balances the pH of your skin and you get a luminous, fresh and silky appearance.
Helps to eliminate blemishes and regulate acne.
Write to us or book your session directly online.

Our selection of products for daily cleansing
In the online store you can find exclusive products for professional use for skin care.

For example, the lotions and cleansing milk of the French brand Académie.

First remove make-up

Academie’s cleansing milk not only has a cleansing function, but is able to give elasticity, is gentle and very nourishing.

Then restore the right acidity to the skin.

The toner, after the make-up removal action, helps to erase any residue of ‘dirt’ from the face because its action is much deeper.

This slightly acidic lotion helps rebalance the skin’s natural acidity and keeps it healthy and prevents wrinkles. In fact the use of detergents and cosmetics can damage the epidermis, making it dull and opaque, causing redness or even drying it out or making it look shiny and oily.

In addition, I also like to recommend rosehip, because it is an excellent regulator of the sebaceous gland, helping it not to produce excessive sebum.

Its use is recommended at night with a gentle massage with the fingertips until it completely penetrates the skin. Its daily use makes the comedones dry and fall off by themselves.

The rosehip is also of great help to eliminate and conceal fine lines so you have a 2 in 1 effect. If you add essential oil of myrrh or myrrh opopanax enhances its anti-aging effect its anti-aging effect.