con qué frecuencia hacer la limpieza fcial

¿How often should facial cleansing be performed?

Today we tell you how often to do facial cleansing to get all the benefits of toned, smooth and deeply nourished skin.

Discover the methods and benefits of facial cleansing, how often to do it and its super beneficial effects. Pamper your face and leave your skin smoother and more luminous.

Radiant skin, detox effect and a general feeling of well-being? A facial cleansing offers you these and other benefits, that’s why you should dedicate a space to it in your beauty routine.

After all, you know, daily face care is the key to removing cream and makeup residues, smog, fine powders and dead cells, substances that clog pores and give you a horrible grayish complexion. That’s why using steams on your face and performing a good anti-blackhead facial cleansing are your secret weapon for an ever-young and radiant skin. And if a facial cleansing at home aims to listen to the needs of your skin to pamper it every day as it should, a facial cleansing by the beautician is the professional treatment you need to forget about imperfections and shine, keep your skin healthy and prevent wrinkles and signs of aging. How often to do a facial cleansing?

For radiant skin, repeat the mantra “never go to bed with makeup on” every day and don’t forget that you need a professional facial cleansing at least every 4 to 6 weeks.

You may not really want to know about all the substances that are deposited on your face every day, but remember that a deep facial cleansing is the best way to get rid of smog, oil and sweat to begin with. That’s precisely why daily facial cleansing is the perfect ally to combat premature environmental aging. If among the benefits of facial cleansing you add that it is a moment of well-being and relaxation for you, purifying the skin will soon become your favorite relaxing gesture. In addition to intensifying the effect of masks and creams, facial cleansing is also good for your mood: is there anything better than looking in the mirror and having beautiful skin?

How often should facial cleansing be performed?

For healthy and youthful skin, facial cleansing is really essential. That is precisely why it is important to have a facial cleansing at the beautician on a regular basis: but how often exactly? Let’s find out everything you need to know!

How often to do facial cleansing? As a treatment rich in benefits for the skin, in fact, it is important to perform it regularly to keep the skin clean, soft and young.

In reality, facial cleansing has nothing to do with daily cleansing, a gesture that is given to the skin every day, but is a deep cleansing treatment, which should be performed with the right tools and the right knowledge that can bring. the skin new life.

Facial cleansing, in fact, aims to keep the skin always healthy and, above all, to prevent skin aging, also eliminating blackheads and imperfections in the right way.

Why do a facial cleansing on a regular basis?

how often to do facial cleansing

A professional facial cleansing has countless benefits, not only the removal of dirt and impurities. Its purpose, in fact, is precisely to preserve the health of the skin, preventing the accumulation of sebum and bacteria.

It prevents blackheads and is among the remedies for blackheads, but facial cleansing is not a treatment reserved for oily or acne-prone skin: this beauty ritual, in fact, is suitable for all skin types, especially for those who need to combat the effects of pollution.

A well-done facial cleansing is the perfect system to listen to the skin’s needs and help it adapt to seasonal and hormonal changes, always finding the right products with which to care for the skin.

The advantages of facial cleansing by the esthetician

A facial cleansing at home will never be the same as that of a beautician: an expert, in fact,

can evaluate the best way to proceed to promote cell renewal without stressing the skin.

The basis of facial cleansing is knowledge of the skin.

Not to mention that the use of steam and scrubs can alter the pH of the skin, so it must be treated with appropriate substances. The basis of any facial cleansing, in fact, is the deep knowledge of the skin.

Obviously, then, draining blackheads is also a delicate operation, which requires the hands of a professional to avoid redness and irritation. Removing dirt in depth avoids bacterial proliferation.

And as this beauty ritual must also and above all be relaxing, relying on the beautician also means enjoying a proper massage to eliminate circulatory stagnation and oxygenate the tissues, improve the absorption of products and combat wrinkles.

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