How often is a massage necessary?

How often is a massage necessary?
This is a question that I often ask people in consultation about massage. There is no definite rule for answering this question.

There are various personal factors of each to consider. For example the time, the economy, the level of stress that a person can accumulate for his work, responsibilities, sports practice, etc.

I recommend depending on these factors and the needs of each person as minimum one massage per month. This way you can release the tensions that are accumulating in the day to day and these tensions are not allowed to settle in the body. In fact the muscles, by accumulating so much tension, are getting shorter. This can bring various mobility problems. Flexibility can even be lost and pressure can sometimes occur in areas where there is some nerve branching, such as the neck or lumbar area.

All of the above can cause a lot of pain and even cause sciatica or cervical pain. Those who suffer from cervical pain may have dizziness. A kind of heaviness is usually noticed, as if carrying a heavy backpack.

In the case of sports massages it is highly recommended to do at least 1 massage every 2 weeks and if every week is better. The stress to which the body is subjected during training can be very high. In addition, it is very beneficial because it discharges all muscle tension, prevents possible injuries, eliminates adhesions, helps in the recovery phase and increases physical performance.
A professional massage can represent an effective remedy to cure any disease. It is also a method of preventing some ailments. It is contraindicated in case of acute colds, fever, severe inflammation, hemorrhaging,skin diseases.

The duration depends a lot on the area to work and the needs of the body.

For full body I recommend you choose at least an hour or 90 minutes.

If the massage is descontracturante or deep tissue, depends on the area, whether it is shoulders and neck with 30 minutes are ok.

For complete back and it is the first time you do a massage or have a lot of tension it is best 45 minutes or 1 hour. Usually, unfortunately, it usually waits until the body has accumulated too much tension and then it takes its time to release all that tension that sometimes accumulates for years.

The benefits of a well-done relaxing massage are immediately perceived. Relaxation interests the body and mind, influencing circulation and eliminating toxins. The muscles regenerate and the sense of heaviness decreases. Massages also improve the quality of sleep, and increases the energies.

As I said before there is no fixed rule. If you have the time, the necessary economy and suffer from stress from your job or responsibilities, more is better. Massage will help you get into that state of relaxation you need. Even if it is only an hour your body will appreciate it and you can give more of yourself and better in everything you do.

In conclusion, more is better, and don’t postpone it please do it for the care your body needs. Your body is your container and it is always better to have a healthy and well-kept body, otherwise, in the end, tensions take their toll.

Massage oils: Aromatherapy is the best option.
If you want the experience to be more personalized you can add essential oils and get the best results you are looking for in the shortest time. Aromatherapy helps you to work in depth with your physical body and relax your mind and emotions more because smells connect with our limbic system and these can help you find peace in moments of crisis.

The essential oils of plants and flowers are quite powerful and thanks to the fact that they are completely natural their absorption is usually very fast, even by the olfactory way.
Here we leave you our recommendations that are prepared that are ready to use and enjoy
Relax Zen: With essential oils specifically to disconnect and relax.

Muscle Oil: If you are a sport practitioner or accumulate tension and what you need is a decontracting massage this is the best option for you.

Oil Dren: Formula specially designed to combat tired legs, fluid retention, dry skin and lymphatic system problems. You can accompany it with the treatment of Lymphatic Drainage Manual.

Celuderm: This formula is intended to combat cellulitis and eliminate it, its use is recommended daily. In addition, by its composition of essential oils releases the body of toxins, making a detox and purifying effect.

Firm Oil: Specifically designed to bring firmness and tone back to the skin when it is lost. Also for its combination is an excellent moisturizer and can be used in cases of stretch marks.
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