consejos de belleza

Holiday beauty tips

Today we bring you beauty tips for Christmas and New Year.

The festive season is upon us and we want to present the best version of ourselves.

Eliminate to enlighten
This is a concept that is used a lot on a spiritual level. In fact, in order to enlighten, we must eliminate everything that is excess in our lives.

The same applies to our skin. By eliminating and cleansing excess make-up, grease and even pollution, we can achieve a much more luminous skin.

For this we propose an all-round treatment:

Start with a make-up remover gel to remove the rest of the products you may have on your face.

What we like most about this gel from Academie is that it is also purifying, so you get two benefits in one product.

Now that our skin is free of products, it is the perfect time for an exfoliation.

It is best to do this after a bath or shower, as the steam will have opened up the pores and we will have a better result.

In these Christmas beauty tips, we suggest the Renewing Scrub for a deep cleansing of the dermis, which at the same time moisturises it with vitamin E.

You can also opt for a face mask to refresh your face: it is ideal to apply it once or twice a week.

The apricot mask leaves your skin looking younger and fresher in just 15 minutes, get it here!


consejos de belleza

Always moisturise your skin
Perhaps one of the most repeated beauty tips: stay hydrated.

We are 60% water, and our skin suffers from water deficiency.

It is advisable to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water per day to meet our body’s needs. If you still can’t reach this amount, try keeping a bottle of water handy at all times, in the office, in your bag, in the car. The Anti-Pollution Treatment cream is an ally for hydrating the skin in the city.

With honey extract, it provides deep hydration while protecting the skin from solar radiation and pollution.

If you want a lighter product, you can try the Rose Face Lotion.

Nos gusta sumar este producto a los consejos de belleza porque cumple con varias funciones. 

Además de servir para el desmaquillado o la limpieza diaria, su fórmula contiene Factor Hidratante Natural, para reconstruir los componentes de la película hidro-lipídica y mantener la piel tonificada y suave durante más tiempo. 

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