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Hair loss in autumn: myth or reality?

As the foliage changes, you can see a greater hair loss in autumn.

There is a lot of truth in saying that at this time of the year that takes us from summer to winter, hair tends to show signs of weakness that often and voluntarily translate into hair loss.

However, don’t get nervous when your pillowcase, brush and sweaters get full of hair: it’s normal. Take a deep breath and calm down if possible. The first piece of advice we give you, in fact, is to avoid being overwhelmed by stress, the sworn enemy of hair health. Two experts reveal the secrets to stop hair loss, strengthen and regenerate deformed, fragile and sensitized hair. Not to mention the health of the scalp, which is considered to be the growth area of our hair.

Causes of hair loss

In spring and autumn, hair cycles naturally tend to a weakness of the shaft, ranging from mild to significant. Stress levels and hormonal structures also play a role. Lactation and postpartum phase, trauma and major changes (a bereavement, a separation, a new job), diet and any nutritional deficiencies. Excess sebum can also cause excessive hair loss, as it does not allow proper oxygenation of the roots. Repeated bleaching and styling treatments can contribute to hair loss in autumn.

hair loss in autumn

Autumn hair loss: causes, remedies and supplements

Hair loss can be stopped: simply do not delay in putting solutions in place.

As for cleansing, your trusted hairdresser will be able to recommend the right care with a specific, non-aggressive shampoo. An excellent anti-hair loss shampoo should have a double strengthening and antioxidant action. Professional formulas enriched with amino acid complexes, plant-derived stem cells and active oxygen, to cleanse and moisturize the hair from root to tip, restoring the correct pH level of the skin.

Immediately after shampooing, an anti-hair loss energizer can be applied, a lotion based on vitamin cocktails and natural extracts that, together, facilitate the anchoring of the root to the scalp, stimulating the cutaneous microcirculation.

Booking a hair massage at our massage center in Barcelona will stimulate microcirculation, benefiting hair vitality.

It is also advisable to limit the use of hair dryers and straighteners as much as possible. In fact, using these hot tools every day causes mechanical damage and contributes to hair breakage. It is always a good practice to apply a professional line heat protector before blow-drying.

Natural supplements against hair loss

It happens that the fortifying beauty strategy alone is not enough to stop hair loss. In these cases we are faced with a more important problem, which should not be underestimated.

Obviously, dietary evaluation is a key starting point. After having verified nutritional deficiencies with appropriate blood tests, a support plan can be established. with vitamin supplements and with mineral complexes and natural extracts. In general, hair loss is contrasted with supplements based on zinc, biotin, copper, arugula extract, turmeric, caffeine, antioxidant pool and omega 3 and 6.

We propose this nutraceutical product that will help you to counteract hair loss in autumn and will also strengthen your nails.

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