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Flower essences to relieve diet anxiety.

Do you feel anxious about dieting?

When you want to lose a few excess kilos, and you opt for a reduction in food intake, one of the factors that we must control is anxiety about dieting.

Anxiety is an emotion characterised by a state of expectation, apprehension, and internal agitation. When starting a weight-loss diet, it is common to suffer from nervousness.

Before you explode, and give up, try some valid natural remedies that have a calming effect.

In general, if you get excited easily and lose your patience just as easily, anti-anxiety plants are for you.

At Aurum Wellbeing, we will show you the most effective essences against the irritating feeling of not being able to eat and to regain calm and serenity.

Are you stressed, anxious, nervous because of the diet you have decided to follow to lose the excess kilos?

Diets often seek quick results, which are inappropriate for the body. As a result, we deprive ourselves of food in a short time and fall into a state of discouragement and irritability, with high health risks.

With restrictive diets, anxiety increases and migraine and sleep disturbances appear.

For the treatment of anxiety we recommend natural products, flower essences and essential oils, which help to balance the disturbed mood in a holistic approach.

Herbal medicine deals with the energetic and emotional aspect of the human being, through the active principles of plants or natural substances.

Essences are prescribed to try to balance the emotions, transforming them from negative to positive, and thereby making physical discomfort disappear. Flowers can help in situations of stress and anxiety, even improving sleep.

Selection of essences against diet anxiety that provide calm and serenity.

Flower remedies, even for dietary purposes, have an ancient tradition: already in ancient Egypt, India, Asia and South America flowers were used to treat discomfort or emotional imbalances.

If you get upset easily and easily lose your temper, we recommend: lemon, lavender, sage to feel more balanced and serene.

Findhorn Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon has been used since ancient times as a calming agent for the nervous system. It also stimulates the digestive process, lowers high blood pressure and promotes weight loss. It reduces headaches and sleep disturbances. It also instils courage and determination, very useful for following a diet plan. Depending on its use – inhalation or drops – we recommend consulting a professional for the appropriate dosage because lemon oil is a depressant of the immune system.

Lavender Findhorn Essential Oil

Particularly suitable for impatient people who experience high blood pressure due to strong emotions.

It is the relaxing essence par excellence: when inhaled, it has a balancing action on the central nervous system, being both tonic and sedative. It also calms anxiety, agitation and nervousness. As a result, it relieves headaches and stress-related disorders and helps sleep in the case of insomnia. We recommend taking one drop three times a day with each meal or when anxiety occurs.

Sage Findhorn essential oil

It slows down the heart and cures insomnia, migraine and stress. However, it should be taken with caution as it also stimulates hormones and helps to balance them. One dose a day is sufficient when a state of excitement or anxiety begins.

Serenity Tweeg for stress and diet anxiety

Based on Rhodiola which reduces the levels of the hormone cortisol, due to stress and nervousness, and also reduces the accumulation of fat. These characteristics make this product our best recommendation to accompany a diet.

Inner calm thanks to Calm me down de Findhorn

Exclusive formula to restore calm and emotional balance, recommended for states of hyperactivity and stress.

In addition to flower essences and aromatherapy, we recommend nutriceutical supplements such as Seroton Activ to help restore balance and control dietary anxiety.

Seroton Active Tweeg a base de 5-hidroxi-triptófano (5-HTP)

By raising levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep and appetite, it counteracts anxiety and stress.

Relax and get a good night’s sleep with Melaton Plus

Relax and get a good night’s sleep with Melaton Plus
Another fantastic product for improving rest is a formula from Tweeg that combines Hops, California Poppy, Melissa, Vitamin B6, Melatonin and Magnesium Stearate. Recommended for hyperactivity, nervousness and sleep disturbances.

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