Family constellations

Family constellations: live your destiny freely

Family constellations are intended to investigate the client’s Morphogenetic Field and identify any entanglements related to the problem being exposed. The consultation begins with a preliminary interview, in which the client asks the question or topic they want to work on. It is possible to investigate personal, family, relational or labor and economic issues.

During the interview, the Facilitator creates an essential family tree, noting the name, date of birth of parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, etc. He will also ask about possible abortions and early or violent deaths to better reconstruct the real family structure as precisely as possible. Information on dates, places, and events are required at this stage. Once the question to be answered has been precisely framed, the constellation begins. Representatives appear, that is, one or more additional people .

Constelaciones familiares

Representatives enter into connection with the subject’s morphic field and are guided by spontaneous dynamics, bringing to light the emotional experience of real people or the situations they represent. Generally, within a few minutes, the constellation stops locks or freezes. It is the so-called entrapment, in which we see the “real” situation of the subject’s family system, we witness the emergence of the node or nucleus, problematic of the system.

Reach a new consciousness

Only the vision and awareness of this data could be enough for the client to deconstruct a series of inner blocks and reach a new awareness about himself and his system. However, an attempt is generally made to make an adjustment to the situation. Therefore, through a measured and gradual change of the positions of the representatives in the space, spontaneously or through the intervention of the facilitator, the system returns to the correct order. In this renewed harmony, the interested party retakes his correct place and re-establishes the correct relationships with the members of his system.

Who are Family Constellations for?

The individual consultation of family constellations allows an in-depth investigation of our genealogical tree through which it is possible to explore and become aware of the blocks and tangles that originate the following situations:

  • feeling chronically tired, overwhelmed, unmotivated
  • often feeling exhausted, with sudden drops in vital energy
  • having the feeling that our life does not belong to us
  • living in states of excessive anxiety and concern for the people we love
  • feeling full of resentment towards people or situations from the past
  • being in a moment of transition in our life
  • being unable to get over grief, a loss, a separation
  • feeling oppressed by excessive responsibilities
  • often feeling invaded in our living space
  • tending to accept the suffering and problems of others
  • being unable to relate serenely in relationships with our parents, brothers and sisters.
  • experiencing constant conflicts and misunderstandings with our partner
  • living in constant conflict and misunderstandings with our children
  • having economic, professional, and labor problems
  • feeling lonely or dissatisfied with our love life
  • perceiving unfairly treated by colleagues and superiors
  • feeling transparent, invisible
Constelaciones familiares
Topics to investigate During the Family Constellation it is possible to investigate the following topics:

1. The family of origin We explore entanglements with father, mother, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, dead or alive …)

2. Health and illness We investigate the cause and systemic origin of symptoms, pathologies, disorders and, in general, physical problems …)

3. Self-actualization and success Family issues related to work, money, autonomy …) 4. Business constellation The morphogenetic field of your company is specifically explored, checking that hierarchical orders and relationships, roles and skills, the relationship between owner and employees are respected …)

5. The couple relationship We explore conflicts and imbalances in the relationship, abandonment or betrayal, unresolved or unfinished situations with previous partners, children or abortions, interference from the family of origin …

6. Sexuality and relationships The theme of pleasure, intimacy, orgasm, and therefore entanglements with father and mother, feelings of guilt, abuse, trauma and family or religious conditioning linked to sexuality is explored …

7.Fathers and sons
Fathers and sons We explore parenthood, conflicts with children, handling children with different partners, handling children when they are separated or divorced, the difficulty of having children, the health and self-realization of their children …