Facial threading

Facial threading is primarily recommended for removing facial hair such as eyebrows and mustaches.
This methodology was first used in India. However, later it also spread massively to Arab countries.

What does this hair removal method consist of?

This type of hair removal uses a thread to delicately “shave” the hair and is suitable for both women and men. During epilation, the hair is pulled out by the roots, leaving the skin smooth and soft without irritation. Therefore it is especially indicated for those people with very delicate skin.
To see the real benefits of the thread and therefore significantly reduce unwanted hair growth, this treatment should be repeated once every 15 days for about two years.

depilacion hilo

What are the pros of facial threading?

It does not irritate the skin. As we have already said several times, this hair removal technique is especially suitable for sensitive skin. In fact, unlike waxing, for example, it does not touch the skin but acts directly on the hair. Therefore goodbye to redness, ingrown hairs and irritations of any kind.
Plus it doesn’t tear the skin. Thanks to the thread there is no risk of cutting yourself as perhaps happens with razors.


More advantages of facial threading

Facial threading is a very precise technique. Unlike all other methods of hair removal, the thread acts with surgical precision on the areas where the treatment is carried out. For this reason it is especially indicated for small areas such as the mustache or eyebrows.
Immediate sun exposure is allowed. Being a delicate hair removal technique that does not irritate the skin, there are no problems with sun exposure once the treatment is done.
In addition, the hair gradually weakens. In fact, by acting on the hair root, the thread slows down growth and in the long run completely weakens the root.
Finally, it stimulates microcirculation and removes hair that is not treated with tweezers.