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Facial cleansing: removes imperfections of the skin

Facial cleansing is recommended to nourish and moisturize the skin, to reduce imperfections and impurities, and to counteract the passage of time.

Brighter and healthier skin

The skin of our body is completely renewed every 30 days. Every day, however, we accumulate toxic waste on our faces. As the skin is comparable to a sponge, the natural hydrolipidic film absorbs smog, makeup remains combined with several layers of dead cells.

Due to these residues, the skin is neglected and tends to weaken, fading and dimming. It also tends to form pimples, spots, wrinkles and blackheads.

Keep the skin bright and radiant through facial cleansing.

The cleaning of the face, if done correctly and regularly, protects the skin from opacity and weakening.

In fact, the skin nourishes and moisturizes and all imperfections decrease drastically.

limpieza facial

What is a professional facial cleansing

During the treatment the pores are opened to purify the skin, eliminating dirt. In addition, circular massages are performed to improve circulation.

Facial cleansing is effective to eliminate blackheads, very common at any age, also called pimples, or fat masses classified as impurities that have infiltrated the hair follicles.

At Aurum Wellbeing, a center of professional aesthetics in the center of Barcelona, we use natural soothing, astringent and anti-inflammatory extracts.

limpieza facial

Even skin without spots

Facial cleansing means caring for the skin of the face and keeping it perfectly free of all impurities.

This treatment allows to thoroughly purify the skin by eliminating dead cells, pimples and black spots. These appear due to the accumulation of toxins and harmful substances that are deposited due to an incorrect diet and lifestyle and external agents that constantly attack it.

Specific products against stains are not usually effective. A deep facial cleansing contributes to the improvement of the appearance and health of the skin of the face.

After facial cleansing we recommend protecting the skin from the sun for at least 3 days. Then the face will be ready for a perfect tan.