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Deep Tissue Massage: Profound relaxation

The profound relaxation that is achieved with the therapeutic and decontracting massage Deep Tissue has many benefits for psychophysical health. The technique used in this massage is based on slow and perceptual work, which involves all the muscles and joint structures. In short, it is a passive stretch that creates space in the tissue and joints, and thus manages to mobilize even the deep layers.

Profound relaxation: all the benefits of a massage

Do you have a feeling of stiffness in your neck and shoulders? Do you have pain and tension in your back, lower back or lower extremities?

It helps liberate your body from tissue adhesions and improves blood and lymphatic circulation, with benefits for tissue nutrition and consequent purification of toxins accumulated in the body.

Relajación profunda

Recover the sense of yourself and your body

The deep relaxation that is achieved with this treatment derives from working on the points of tension that cause reflected pain even in areas distant from the causal source. This technique is very effective at the muscle-joint level, in terms of relaxation, reactivation of circulation and mobility of tissues. In fact, it is an all-around complete work in the sense that it operates at all levels, from the lymphatic to the deeper level, from the cardiovascular to the nervous, from the respiratory to the visceral.

Postural and structural realignment: straighter and healthier back

Thanks to the Deep Tissue body management, correct movement is restored and even posture is corrected. In fact, we act on breathing, joints and the spine, improving balance and proprioception, coordination and resistance. Thus the muscles lengthen and strengthen, producing general well-being.

How do we do this massage?

The treatment consists of maneuvers performed firmly but with a constant and delicate touch, to facilitate the dissolution of contractures without causing discomfort or pain. The loosening of the “knots” that are formed at the level of the connective tissue makes it possible to restore physiological blood circulation, promote greater elasticity and reduce inflammatory states in the muscles. Fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows, and forearms are the various “tools” used to effectively reach and act on the muscle layers.

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