Citronella against mosquitoes: natural essential oil and diffusers

The Citronella plant against mosquitoes is effective to ward off annoying insects especially in summer.

Citronela plant against mosquitoes is a natural option

  • There are more than fifty species of Citronella, cultivated mainly in Asia. Only two essential oils are used to produce Citronella: Cymbopogon Nardus and Cymbopogon Winterianus.Especially Winterianus, also called C. of Java, is the species used to extract the essential oils hated by mosquitoes.The essence of Citronella is of immediate effect to eliminate mosquitoes and insects

    100% natural product
    Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
    Effective immediately

Citronela contra los mosquitos

Antimosquitos organic essential oils diffusers

When the heat arrives, the mosquitoes that bother with their buzz and bites also arrive. Classic repellents are often used but their action is not “healthy” due to chemical agents. A healthier method to combat them is undoubtedly the essential oil of Citronela against mosquitoes.

If you want to rest in peace and protect children from insects, Citronela essential oil is a better solution than classic repellents. In fact it does not leave odors and contains no chemicals.

Special diffusers for essential oils that do not alter the properties of the essences

citronela contra los mosquitos

Diffusers can be placed inside and outside, on terraces or gardens or over windows.

You should opt for ultrasonic models or cold diffusers. Unlike burners, these two types do not alter the properties of oils.

Diffuser of essences by ultrasound

In the ultrasonic essential oils diffuser water is inserted into the appropriate container. A transducer inside is heated with electrical energy and this allows the diffusion of the essence (also the oil is inserted in the container).

Diffuser of essences in cold

Like the previous diffuser, the cold essence diffuser retains the properties of essential oils. It is made with eco-friendly bamboo fiber, wood and blown glass.

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