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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these gifts for couples

Discover these gift ideas for couples and multiply the pleasure to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an original and unique way.

The best thing about Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is that you can think of activities or gifts for couples.

Here are some suggestions to inspire you and let your imagination fly.

Dance classes
Although there are some dance styles that are more collective, most disciplines require a partner. And who better than your partner to learn?

Sharing a class of salsa, ballroom dancing, tango, etc. guarantees a good time and encourages communication and listening in the couple.

It is also a great opportunity to try new things with your partner and get out of your comfort zone.

Wear comfortable clothes and live your Flash Dance fantasy with this gift for couples!

Massage Sessions
Perhaps one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to get away from the routine and reconnect with our own and our partner’s bodies.

We don’t always have the time and space to relax and listen to our body and our desire.

Massages are a beautiful opportunity to give us a unique moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

In our unique space in Barcelona we have a wide range of relaxing and descontracturantes massages to give to your partner and yourself.

Perfect to start a weekend of love!

Massages at home
Another interesting gift idea for a couple is the possibility of massaging each other.

Bonding through touch allows us to explore and explore each other’s body in depth.

And better if it is in the privacy of our homes, where we can create a comfortable and safe environment to share a unique moment.

The key to an excellent massage: Gifts for couples
To make a couple’s massage a unique experience, you must have an oil that helps in the task.

Bio Zen Oil is specifically designed for use in massages. Among its components are lavender and marjoram, which contribute to relaxation and well-being.

You can apply it directly on your partner’s skin using gentle circular movements until it is completely absorbed.

In addition, by applying the Bio Zen Oil you will be moisturizing the skin, ready for an intimate encounter or a pleasant night’s sleep.

To learn more about the best massage oils and their benefits, you can read our article dedicated to this topic.

Make love much sweeter
Used to facilitate sexual intercourse and the use of sex toys or even just to increase pleasure, intimate lubricants make love much sweeter. Here we propose an intimate lubricant cream for maximum pleasure.

Using a good lubricant allows you to make sexual intercourse and erotic play much more enjoyable.

It sparks the imagination and encourages experimentation, and brings a little zest to the relationship.


The Eros line is completed by the Eros Ambient Spray, to create the right atmosphere for a more intense intimate encounter.

Among the gifts for couples we highlight the Integrity Sexual Flower Essence that promotes relaxation and self-confidence.

Gifts for couples


If you want more gift ideas for couples, we leave you here another article with the best classic and original options.


Happy Valentine’s Day!