defenses essencial oils

Essential oils to stimulate the defenses

Essential oils to stimulate the defenses are a very useful tool, especially in this period of virus diffusion In fact, they stimulate the production of immunoglobulins, which are called antibodies.

These prevent attack by viruses, bacteria or parasites. Next we talk about essential oils to boost the immune system.

In fact stress, fatigue and bad habits are the cause of lowering of defenses.

Essential oils to stimulate the defenses and boost the immune system

Marjoram essential oil

Marjoram essential oil is rich in tannins, flavonoids, and terpenes. Above all, it strengthens the immune defenses.

Main properties:

Balsamic and expectorant: in case of cold and cough. Relieve pain: combat abdominal cramps and rheumatic disorders (massage). Sedative and relaxing: combat insomnia (bath). La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es herb-972453_1280_optimized-1030x682.jpg

Oregano essential oil

By increasing the blood concentration of type G immunoglobulins, it is used mainly for the treatment of respiratory diseases, starting with the common cold. In fact one of the beneficial substances contained in the essential oil of oregano is carvacrol, which would be useful to counteract the spread of different viruses and bacteria.

Ravintsara essential oil

Studies have been conducted that demonstrated the antiviral effect of this essential oil. To combat colds at the first symptoms (itchy nose, sneezing, etc.), it is recommended to inhale the essential oil of ravintsara every half hour with a handkerchief impregnated with a few drops. It is also highly recommended as a room scent to prevent viral bacteria that are activated in the air, especially in winter, or in environments with cold people.

Ravintsara essential oil is tolerable in all age groups and is an extraordinary cure. How to use essential oils to boost the immune system 2-3 drops of ravintsara essential oil can be put on the inside of the doll and rub one doll against the other. It is also recommended to inhale deeply, In this way, the aromatic molecules penetrate the skin until they reach the bloodstream. In children and babies it can be diluted in vegetable oil (almond, rosehip, etc.) or in moisturizing cream. It is then applied to the soles of the feet. This treatment is also indicated for pregnant women.

Profound relaxation Barcelona

Deep Tissue Massage: Profound relaxation

The profound relaxation that is achieved with the therapeutic and decontracting massage Deep Tissue has many benefits for psychophysical health. The technique used in this massage is based on slow and perceptual work, which involves all the muscles and joint structures. In short, it is a passive stretch that creates space in the tissue and joints, and thus manages to mobilize even the deep layers.

Profound relaxation: all the benefits of a massage

Do you have a feeling of stiffness in your neck and shoulders? Do you have pain and tension in your back, lower back or lower extremities?

It helps liberate your body from tissue adhesions and improves blood and lymphatic circulation, with benefits for tissue nutrition and consequent purification of toxins accumulated in the body.

Relajación profunda

Recover the sense of yourself and your body

The deep relaxation that is achieved with this treatment derives from working on the points of tension that cause reflected pain even in areas distant from the causal source. This technique is very effective at the muscle-joint level, in terms of relaxation, reactivation of circulation and mobility of tissues. In fact, it is an all-around complete work in the sense that it operates at all levels, from the lymphatic to the deeper level, from the cardiovascular to the nervous, from the respiratory to the visceral.

Postural and structural realignment: straighter and healthier back

Thanks to the Deep Tissue body management, correct movement is restored and even posture is corrected. In fact, we act on breathing, joints and the spine, improving balance and proprioception, coordination and resistance. Thus the muscles lengthen and strengthen, producing general well-being.

How do we do this massage?

The treatment consists of maneuvers performed firmly but with a constant and delicate touch, to facilitate the dissolution of contractures without causing discomfort or pain. The loosening of the “knots” that are formed at the level of the connective tissue makes it possible to restore physiological blood circulation, promote greater elasticity and reduce inflammatory states in the muscles. Fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows, and forearms are the various “tools” used to effectively reach and act on the muscle layers.

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Treating sunburn with essential oils

Even for sunburn, nature comes to our aid. Here is the recipe for the soothing compound for a shock treatment. Summer, sea and sun. Tanning fans love to be in the sun for hours on end, relax, read, rest and enjoy the heat that only summer can bring us. Although creams with UV protection are now essential, sometimes it happens that we get burned. And making our skin turns red, burns, and becomes more sensitive. But do not worry, even if prevention is better than  to cure, there is always a remedy that nature can offer us, in this case, with essential oils.

Essential oils for sunburn during the summer are foolproof and completely natural methods. What better than an essential oil that makes burns and redness disappear? The premise, in any case, is always the same: applying a good sunscreen based on your skin type is the first step to confront the sun’s rays without burning yourself. However, sometimes, sunburns occur in parts of the body where the protection has probably not been spread evenly, etc. Therefore, turning to essential oils for sunburn will be very helpful.

Let’s take a closer look together at some of the essential oils


Chamomile essential oil to relieve sunburn

Due to its high percentage of chamazulene, an anti-inflammatory principle, Chamomile essential oil exerts a soothing action on irritated skin, especially if it is very sensitive, dry and redness For localized burns, erythema, and solar eruptions, apply 1 drop of chamomile essential oil directly on the area that has been affected, diluted in St. John’s wort oil or body cream. The skin will be immediately less irritated, well hydrated, and will immediately feel more regenerated. It is recommended to use the compound only at night when the sun has already set because some essential oils are photosensitive and can cause stains on the skin in direct sunlight.

Contraindications Remember that all essential oils should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy and during lactation. When in doubt ask your trusted aromatherapist. Recommendations for use: It is recommended to dilute the essential oils with an aloe vera cream, or argan or rosehip oil that is regenerative and helps the skin recover without flaking. Apply 2 times a day for 3 days even when the effect is immediate to prevent flaking and for the skin to recover quickly.

Other essential oils for sunburn and erythema

Lavender essential oil

Essential Oil Lavender BIO 10 ml.
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In terms of healing properties, lavender essential oil is perfect for wounds, stings, sunburns and erythema. Thanks to its active ingredients, it can soothe the skin in a matter of seconds.

Tea Tree essential oil

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil 10 ml. Terpenic Labs
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Used in dozens of natural treatments to treat problems related to the body, face, hair, tea tree is also used for burns caused by sun exposure. Its important antibiotic properties, in fact, will allow your skin to heal from even the most serious burns.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint Essential Oil 10 ml. Terpenic Labs
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Peppermint, thyme, and eucalyptus are part of that group of essential oils that can soothe the skin. Peppermint essential oil is also known for its important pain-relieving properties. However, not everyone knows that its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties are equally strong, especially when it comes to sunburn. In fact, it will soothe “damaged” skin, providing immediate relief and a pleasant feeling of freshness. Bonus tip: in case of headache and / or nausea caused by excessive sun exposure, you can use peppermint essential oil to alleviate this type of discomfort.

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Provence Essential Oil BIO 5 ml Terpenic Labs
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Cypress essential oil (diluted in a pure vegetable oil, such as sweet almond oil or, better yet, St. John’s wort oil), is used to relieve and treat all kinds of burns. Its excellent healing and soothing properties, in fact, will help the skin to regenerate.

Geranium Essential Oil

Bio Geranium Essential Oil 10 ml.
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It is used diluted 5-10%. Its healing and antiseptic properties guarantee a very positive result for the skin. Not surprisingly, it is also used in after-sun creams, very often in combination with peppermint and chamomile essential oils.

Calendula vegetable oil

Calendula Oleate 60 ml
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To alleviate the symptoms of sun redness, you can benefit from calendula essential oil for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties. St. John’s wort oil Hypericum oil, rich in carotene and flavonoids, has a powerful healing action, in case of burns.

Contraindications We remember that all essential oils should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy and during lactation. When in doubt ask your trusted aroma therapist. Recommendations for use: It is recommended to dilute the essential oils with an aloe vera cream, or argan or rosehip oil that is regenerative and helps the skin recover without flaking. Apply 2 times a day for 3 days even when the effect is immediate to prevent flaking and for the skin to recover quickly.

How to do a body exfoliation

How is a body exfoliation carried out?

How is a body exfoliation done? It often sounds like a complex and occasional practice. Next, we will explain in detail what it consists of, how many times it is recommended to do it, and all its benefits. Generally, exfoliation consists of the elimination of dead cells and the consequent revitalization of the skin tissue, thanks to the elimination of the superficial states of the epidermis. It is an extremely important procedure for physical well-being as a whole. So it can (or rather should!) be done both on the skin areas of the face and on the rest of the body.

The many benefits of exfoliation

By removing dead cells, you inevitably also remove all residual makeup or accumulated dirt. Consequently, it not only has an aesthetic effect but also allows the elimination of germs and bacteria. If the skin is free of dead cells and dirt residues (makeup, powders derived from external atmospheric agents), the skin tissue is oxygenated and cell renewal is promoted. After exfoliation, the skin becomes fresher, cleaner, brighter, purified, regenerated, with a healthy appearance. When exfoliation is carried out, an increase in dermal circulation is promoted thanks to the massage performed and physiological epidermal turnover is stimulated. In addition, if the exfoliation is carried out periodically, other benefits can be obtained, such as the reduction of the appearance of pimples, blackheads and reduction of large pores. Apart from a healing effect that produces immediate tangible effects, exfoliation is also very useful to practice good prevention.

Exfoliation and wrinkles

In fact, it prevents not only the occlusion of the pores that could cause the appearance of blackheads or more infections of the skin. It even delays the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the risk of spots on the skin. For acne skin, exfoliation is an extremely important practice. For this reason, exfoliating the facial skin, especially for those who suffer from hormonal disorders or excessive seborrheic production, allows to eliminate excess oil and delay the appearance of that annoying shiny effect that often causes numerous problems in the application of makeup. There are different techniques, from chemical to natural scrubs, and each method is more or less appropriate according to different needs, skin types and different areas of the body. Certainly, the methods used for the face are not the same as those used for feet or inner thighs. One thing is for sure: each area is as important as the others. Let’s see how to exfoliate the skin according to everyone’s needs.

Exfoliating facial skin

The face is an extremely delicate and sensitive area, prone to redness and inflammation. Before exfoliating, an essential step is to ensure that the skin is perfectly clean. How do you make a spoliation of the face? It is essential to prepare the skin properly, using the steam exposure technique to dilate the occluded pores, allowing the product to penetrate more easily. Then apply a generous dose of specific exfoliant product to the face and lightly massage the tissues.

We choose a product with a smaller and thinner grain; we take special care in the area around the eyes to prevent the product from coming into contact with the cornea and causing inflammation. By circularly massaging all areas of the face, the skin peels off by removing dirt and dead cells. The massage should be light to avoid creating abrasions. Then we proceed with the rinse to remove the scrub and any residue. In mature skin, especially in women 40 years and older, exfoliation is an extremely recommended practice as it regenerates the skin and produces an anti-aging effect.

Body peeling

How is a body exfoliation? This technique allows the elimination of spots on the skin, blackheads and acne. Its effect is surprising and can significantly improve the appearance of even the most problematic skin, promoting cell renewal after treatment. Formulas that include substances such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid or salicylic acid promote rapid peeling of the epidermis. They also have antibacterial and soothing properties. Glycolic acid-based products are the exfoliants par excellence. By virtue of its many beneficial properties, this chemical element more than any other, in fact, is widely used in the cosmetic sector. In addition to exfoliating, more generally, the compound works on the superficial layer of the epidermis, compacting, unifying and increasing its elasticity. The more intense glycolic acid peel is particularly effective in treating a more mature and problematic skin face: it helps keep skin healthy, elastic and clean, improving freckles, age spots and even wrinkles.


For this method, compounds with a granular consistency are used that, by rubbing the skin, produce an exfoliating effect, destined to eliminate residues, impurities and regenerate the skin in an energetic but delicate way. Scrubs are particularly useful for those who suffer from dry skin, as they allow to remove the scales to which this type of skin is often subject.

Scrub Barcelona

How is a body exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a practice that can be done all year round. In winter, in fact, the cold causes severe dryness, so it is essential to use a body scrub to counteract the peeling effect caused by dry weather. Similarly, in summer it can be extremely effective in accelerating tanning and giving a more even complexion. The body scrub is particularly effective in fighting ingrown hair. However, it is better to avoid it in a period close to waxing: it is advisable that at least 3 days elapse between exfoliation and waxing! The skin must be absolutely clean and damp to soften. Applying the product on dry skin is a mistake, as rubbing it would cause excessive friction and consequent irritation of the epidermis. However, it should always be rinsed off, and it is advisable to apply moisturizing and soothing products afterwards.

After the exfoliation

Spoliation has a regenerating and exfoliating effect, as well as being extremely useful to stimulate circulation and therefore prevent cellulite blemishes. For a better exfoliating effect, it is best to combine them with essential oils, toning and draining creams. Then it is necessary to perform a massage with circular movements, from top to bottom, making sure that the absorption of any auxiliary product is carried out completely. After the massage, it is good to rinse, avoiding too hot water, with a damp sponge or a normal sponge glove, to remove residues from the skin. To complete the process, using a good moisturizer is great.

If you want to have an expert for your deep spoliation treatment in our beauty center in Barcelona, you can book directly here.

season change autumn

Autumn is coming: 4 steps to prepare for the seasonal change

Seasonal change can lead to some imbalance in our body. It is important to prepare for the arrival of the cold season and strengthen the immune system. Let’s see how.

Seasonal change: the cold arrives

Seasonal change, especially the one that autumn brings, causes mental imbalances and physical alterations. Due to sudden changes in temperature, the decrease in daylight hours and the arrival of respiratory or intestinal viruses. In general, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and adequate amounts of sleep help maintain the body’s balance and protects us from seasonal changes. However, it may be necessary to support our body with the intake of substances to face these changes and that raise the immune defenses.

Decrease the psychic effects of seasonal change

The imbalances caused by the change of season have very specific symptoms. Among these we find a greater difficulty in sleeping caused by an alteration of the circadian cycles and therefore of the production of melatonin. To facilitate rest we recommend Melaton Plus, which helps in case of sleep disorders. In addition to this, it is possible to experience some anxiety, headaches, irritability and even asthenia. These symptoms are temporary and have simple remedies to treat them.

Flower Essences to help reducing stress and fatigue

In these cases, flower essences are extremely helpful Additionally, it may be useful to increase the intake of B vitamins so that their is an  increase in metabolic energy. Vitamin C is also essential to reduce stress and fatigue and strengthen our immune system. Omega 3 and 6 are also recommended for the change of season To deal with the symptoms due to the arrival of autumn, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sugar and alcohol and continue doing physical activity. This will help confront a sedentary lifestyle and also improve mood.

2. Strengthen the immune system

To avoid getting sick, it is necessary to think about increasing our body’s defenses. Nature provides us with beneficial substances for our body capable of increasing immunological defenses against the change of season, summer, autumn. Among these, we find the Cordyceps fungus. Zinc is a very important mineral, not only for the synthesis of vitamins B and A, but especially for fighting flu viruses and bacterial infections. It is also good for protecting the intestinal bacterial flora, which is one of the main defenses against toxins, bacteria and viruses through the ingestion of lactic ferments and probiotics.

3. Purify the body

Equally important are hydration and purification of the body. A toxin-free organism will be stronger and ready to repel attacks from external agents. The elimination of toxins from the body can find valuable help in the unique properties of essential oils. How can essential oils be useful to purify us? Among the essential oils that have the greatest detoxifying action, we recommend lemon and citrus essential oil in general, rosemary essential oil and bergamot essential oil for their toning properties. It can be used in a hot bath (putting about 10 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of almond oil and then pouring it into the bathwater). Excellent draining and detoxifying massages can also be performed, if combined with a neutral oil (it is important to remember not to expose yourself to the sun after using citrus essential oils). 1 drop of essential oil in a glass of water in the morning, or better yet in a teaspoon of sugar or honey, helps metabolism, expels toxins, improves liver function and disinfects. Aromacaps Detox is a combination of essential oils specially selected to detoxify the liver and eliminate toxins.

Detox Aromacaps of Essential Oils
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The professional lymphatic drainage in our Barcelona center allows for a better functioning of the lymphatic system. In fact, the lymphatic system is of primary importance in the constitution of the immune defenses of our body.

4. Prepare the skin

Temperatures change and get colder. One of the fundamentally important things to prepare for fall is to treat your skin in the best possible way from the summer months. It is fundamentally important to protect it from the sun’s rays and hydrate it constantly and continuously, perhaps using natural products that are also capable of nourishing it. But it is also important to act with specific creams for daily use so that the skin is flexible and healthy.


We often tend to demonize exfoliation, seen as “damaging” the tan. You have to dispel certain myths and it is important to clarify how much to exfoliate your skin, eliminating the dermis that is now dead, it is of fundamental importance for two reasons:

  • the tan becomes stronger and more durable over time;
  • the skin is better prepared to adapt to the different products that are applied. Having the skin exfoliated therefore helps the product to penetrate deeply into the skin and to be able to act correctly and functionally.
  • To do a professional body exfoliation treatment, you go to our aesthetic center in Barcelona, where we will give you personalized attention.
Exfoliación corporal

Moisturize the skin

One of the biggest mistakes often made is thinking that the skin and our body should only hydrate in summer by drinking a lot. Very serious mistake! Good hydration should be maintained throughout the year, especially in the colder months, during which the skin is subjected to strong stress from the cold and is, therefore, more prone to drying out. Therefore, it is necessary to drink in the same way and perhaps also use creams and moisturizing products that help and soften the skin to the maximum.

Lip balm, a panacea Another mistake you shouldn’t make is waiting for winter to wear lip balms. It is not necessary to get to the point when the lips tend to crack due to the severe cold, but it is good to start, during the months of summer, using natural balms that are capable of hydrating and softening the lips, especially before the change in season. In short, preparing for the change of season may seem complicated, but a few tricks are enough for each of us to face the arrival of autumn in the best possible way, using wellness products, perhaps natural, but with impact.

Remote Reiki

Remote Reiki is possible and effective. No magic, just physics.

Is Remote Reiki effective? It is not easy to explain how the Reiki technique can work at a distance despite the spatial distance. Indeed, for many people it can be difficult to understand how a Reiki session can be performed without the operator using her hands in direct contact with the receiver. In our daily life we are literally immersed in energy and we are constantly “connected”. The telephone, television, radio, electricity, internet and wifi (all very familiar instruments) work using energy frequencies. Although we cannot see them, a normal spectrometer can easily measure them. All of these instruments must be tuned to the particular frequency on which they operate in order to function. However, people believed that they were incredible and magical at the time they were discovered. Distance is not an “object” to overcome for Energy, nor is it for communications via the Internet or the telephone.

Quantum physics has shown that everything is energy and that everything is connected.

The visible and invisible universe is nothing but energy

In 1981 at the University of Paris, a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect, discovered that in certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are capable of instantaneous communication despite the distance that separates them. It doesn’t matter if they are 10 cm away or thousands of kilometers away. In 1997, Nicolas Gisin replicated these experiments and concluded that some particles appeared to communicate at a staggering 20,000 times the speed of light. This idea suggested to David Bohm that the reason subatomic particles can stay in contact with each other despite the distance is not that they send some kind of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separation is a mirage. Therefore, if we look at reality on an energetic level, all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected, as well as the operator and receiver of a remote Reiki treatment! Shifting our perspective to the world of energy, the world of spirit and the universal law of magic “Thought creates” or “Energy follows thoughts.” Today we know thanks to the same science that everything that exists in the visible and invisible universe is nothing more than energy. This differs exclusively by the intrinsic vibrational frequency of everything.

Medicine studies Reiki at a distance

Medical science has also investigated Reiki at a distance. For example, the study “Effects of remote Reiki on pain, anxiety and fatigue in cancer patients in Turkey: a pilot study”, published in 2015, sought to evaluate the effect of remote Reiki on pain, anxiety and fatigue in cancer patients.

What are the characteristics and advantages of Remote Reiki Treatment?

Thanks to remote Reiki, the treatment can be performed without the need to physically touch the person who receives it. In fact: whether the distance is 1 meter or 10,000 km does not matter in terms of energy. Ultimately the operating mechanism remains the same. Among the advantages: Possibility of providing “high doses” of Reiki energy that rebalances the person who needs it. Greater treatment versatility. It is possible to program sessions with great flexibility multiplying possible occasions and times. Greater postural comfort for those who receive Reiki treatment. In fact, they can easily lie down or sit in their own home or remain where they are.

Who can request remote Reiki treatments and why? Everyone can request a Reiki treatment without being physically present. An excellent application of Reiki at a distance is that with animals. Young children are also more difficult to approach or have a harder time staying still. Finally, psychiatric patients can have problems related to physical contact.

Los beneficios del Reiki en Remoto

Technically, the benefits and results that can be obtained with remote Reiki treatments are exactly those of treatment in person. The Reiki energy acts on the receiving person in exactly the same way. That is, rebalancing it on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) from its current state of imbalance. It will take longer in case of chronic problems. On the other hand, the results will be faster in the case of problems that have arisen more recently. During a remote Reiki treatment, it is preferable to choose a time when the recipient is calm. Therefore, the starting day and time are agreed upon, but without establishing a specific duration of treatment. In other conditions, it may happen that treatment is carried out without knowing exactly where the person is and what they are doing (for example, if they are hospitalized). However, the treatment will not be less effective.

The duration of a remote Reiki treatment

There is no time limit imposed on the practice of Reiki. Although usually, the average duration is 20 to 30 minutes, it can last from a few minutes to more than an hour, depending on the situation.

Is it possible to do Reiki directed to a stranger?

It is possible to do a Reiki treatment remotely without knowing and never having spoken with the person. To make the connection, simply enter the name of the person and use a reference. For example: “Jorge, my colleague’s brother …” or “Juan de Girona, my neighbor’s grandfather.” You can use a photo, but it is not really necessary. If the image of the person is unknown, simply visualize the silhouette of a man or a woman, without trying to impose a precise face on the imagination. Sometimes the features become clearer during treatment.

shamanic healing

Shamanic healing: regain your power

Shamanic healing consists of asking the spirits for help to restore integrity, regain vital breath and psychic power In this spiritual practice, the energies that prevent you from enjoying fullness are unblocked. Shamanic healing is the healing of the soul. According to shamanic culture, all disorder that occurs on a physical and mental level is a reflection of an internal discomfort. The shaman’s job is to get in touch with the patient’s Soul and free him of blockages, suffering and toxic energies. Disease can also manifest itself as a result of the loss of a Soul fragment, due to particularly painful trauma.

The shaman, acting on the spiritual level, can find the part of the soul that has separated from the ego to bring it back to the source. According to the shamanic view, the disease of the Soul can manifest itself in many ways: lack of energy, depression, drug addiction, eating disorders, panic attacks, bad luck, insomnia and even through more serious pathologies. Health is a very delicate subject and that is why I want to clarify that Shamanic Healing in no way replaces medical treatment, but it can be a very important spiritual support for the patient and can help him find happiness and physical well-being.

Shamanic healing methods are: – The recovery of the soul – The recovery of the power animal – Energetic Purification – The accompaniment of the dead – Shamanic extraction

The shaman decides which method to use after consulting his allied spirits.

The Shaman does not act on the physical body, in the material dimension, but on the energy body in the spiritual dimension.

What is Shamanic healing?

Before starting the practice, we help you to clarify the objective of healing and to be ready to enter into contact with the spiritual field. Later, thanks to the collaboration of the spirits, the energy that is limiting and blocking is extracted and that prevents the person from being able to fulfill himself. It is very important to highlight that in shamanic healing the person has an active role, acts with the aim of restoring harmony and balance in his life. In fact, healing is a process that the shaman has activated, but it will be the person who has to carry it out. It also connects with the spirit of protection to feel more secure and regain emotional balance from a traumatic and painful experience. The shaman works in the spiritual reality of the invisible worlds, where he can meet the souls of living beings and the powers of the universe, bringing healing and wisdom. Every illness is the manifestation of inner disharmony, essentially due to three possibilities:

  • Presence of excess energies or powers
  • Lack of powers
  • Lack of parts of the soul.

Intrusion of other Souls or Spirits

In the altered state of consciousness usually obtained from the monotonous sound of the drum and With the help of his spirit, the shaman “sees” these intrusions that can appear as different objects, and makes an “extraction”, just like the surgeon in an operation. Keep in mind that this always happens in the invisible world. A more complex aspect is related to the intrusion of other souls or spirits, when the person is “possessed” by other souls, and in this case the shaman, with particular rituals and very delicate, it will make a real “Dispossession”.

In the event that the shaman, with the help of his spirits that can be guide animals or spiritual teachers of human likeness, “sees” that a certain thing is missing in the soul of the power person, he recovers it by blowing the power of an animal guide, what is necessary for the person in order to achieve healing. In situations where the person has suffered trauma or violent situations, it is possible that they have lost a part of their soul. The shaman in this case will recover the soul or, the pure essence, that during the trauma he left to survive. Also from the diagnostic point of view, the shaman follows the indications given by the spirits. They are the spirits of non-ordinary reality who do the real work of extraction or recovery and the shaman is the intermediary.

sanación chamánica

What problems can be treated

You can greatly benefit from shamanic healing, especially in cases of:

  • acute phenomena such as inflammation and pain. E.g. toothache, abdominal pain, abscess, joint pain. These ailments can be easily treated by following the shamanic path.
  • chronic or recurrent illnesses or a general illness. For example gastritis or chronic colitis, arthritis, colic, frequent respiratory diseases, skin diseases …
  • bad luck, such as frequent accidents or misfortunes or obvious misfortunes in love or work.
  • intense out-of-control emotions such as anger, jealousy, temper, or anxiety and panic.
  • loneliness or dissociation, feeling of observing life instead of participating in it, feeling of observing oneself from the outside, etc.
  • addictions, for example. drugs or alcohol, but also other people, etc.
  • loss of meaning in life.
Family constellations

Family constellations: live your destiny freely

Family constellations are intended to investigate the client’s Morphogenetic Field and identify any entanglements related to the problem being exposed. The consultation begins with a preliminary interview, in which the client asks the question or topic they want to work on. It is possible to investigate personal, family, relational or labor and economic issues.

During the interview, the Facilitator creates an essential family tree, noting the name, date of birth of parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, etc. He will also ask about possible abortions and early or violent deaths to better reconstruct the real family structure as precisely as possible. Information on dates, places, and events are required at this stage. Once the question to be answered has been precisely framed, the constellation begins. Representatives appear, that is, one or more additional people .

Constelaciones familiares

Representatives enter into connection with the subject’s morphic field and are guided by spontaneous dynamics, bringing to light the emotional experience of real people or the situations they represent. Generally, within a few minutes, the constellation stops locks or freezes. It is the so-called entrapment, in which we see the “real” situation of the subject’s family system, we witness the emergence of the node or nucleus, problematic of the system.

Reach a new consciousness

Only the vision and awareness of this data could be enough for the client to deconstruct a series of inner blocks and reach a new awareness about himself and his system. However, an attempt is generally made to make an adjustment to the situation. Therefore, through a measured and gradual change of the positions of the representatives in the space, spontaneously or through the intervention of the facilitator, the system returns to the correct order. In this renewed harmony, the interested party retakes his correct place and re-establishes the correct relationships with the members of his system.

Who are Family Constellations for?

The individual consultation of family constellations allows an in-depth investigation of our genealogical tree through which it is possible to explore and become aware of the blocks and tangles that originate the following situations:

  • feeling chronically tired, overwhelmed, unmotivated
  • often feeling exhausted, with sudden drops in vital energy
  • having the feeling that our life does not belong to us
  • living in states of excessive anxiety and concern for the people we love
  • feeling full of resentment towards people or situations from the past
  • being in a moment of transition in our life
  • being unable to get over grief, a loss, a separation
  • feeling oppressed by excessive responsibilities
  • often feeling invaded in our living space
  • tending to accept the suffering and problems of others
  • being unable to relate serenely in relationships with our parents, brothers and sisters.
  • experiencing constant conflicts and misunderstandings with our partner
  • living in constant conflict and misunderstandings with our children
  • having economic, professional, and labor problems
  • feeling lonely or dissatisfied with our love life
  • perceiving unfairly treated by colleagues and superiors
  • feeling transparent, invisible
Constelaciones familiares
Topics to investigate During the Family Constellation it is possible to investigate the following topics:

1. The family of origin We explore entanglements with father, mother, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, dead or alive …)

2. Health and illness We investigate the cause and systemic origin of symptoms, pathologies, disorders and, in general, physical problems …)

3. Self-actualization and success Family issues related to work, money, autonomy …) 4. Business constellation The morphogenetic field of your company is specifically explored, checking that hierarchical orders and relationships, roles and skills, the relationship between owner and employees are respected …)

5. The couple relationship We explore conflicts and imbalances in the relationship, abandonment or betrayal, unresolved or unfinished situations with previous partners, children or abortions, interference from the family of origin …

6. Sexuality and relationships The theme of pleasure, intimacy, orgasm, and therefore entanglements with father and mother, feelings of guilt, abuse, trauma and family or religious conditioning linked to sexuality is explored …

7.Fathers and sons
Fathers and sons We explore parenthood, conflicts with children, handling children with different partners, handling children when they are separated or divorced, the difficulty of having children, the health and self-realization of their children …

IPL hair removal system

IPL hair removal system: How it works and how much does it cost

IPL hair removal system is a new technology that promises a decidedly longer-lasting alternative solution for removing unwanted hair.

IPL: How it works

This technology uses the energy produced by light. Light is transformed into heat when it finds a specific color, in this case, the melanin in the hair. However, the goal is not to burn the hair but to transmit the heat to the matrix located at the base of the hair follicle that causes a continuous regrowth. If it heats up beyond a specific thermal threshold, it shuts down for a long time, and sometimes forever.

It is good to consider that with this system you can only destroy hairs in the growth phase (the so-called anagen phase). Since the hairs do not grow at the same time, you will have to keep in mind that it takes several sessions to destroy them all as they grow.

The duration of a hair cycle, as well as the percentage of hair in the anagen phase at any given time, as well as the density of the hair, the diameter, angle and depth of hair implantation, and its growth rate, are all different factors according to the anatomical area being considered.

For example, areas like the groin and armpits, which typically have thick, dark hair, will respond quicker than others.

Therefore, in the case of pulsed light treatment, it is more appropriate to consider it as a permanent hair removal method since the result of the treated active follicles remain over time.

Who is it recommended for?

Pulsed light hair removal is especially recommended for those who are tired or frequently resort to waxing, razors, and other hair removal methods.

All areas of the body can be treated, both the extended areas – such as the legs – and the limited areas, such as the upper lip or chin area. In fact, this technology can be applied to the face, armpits, arms, chest, legs, back, and various parts of the body.

The results will be much faster when there is greater contrast between light skin and dark body hair. In fact, thanks to this contrast, the light beam is able to identify more precisely hair that may fall in the same session or in the following 10-15 days.


How does an IPL session work?

The principle on which IPL is based is that of selective Photothermolysis. In practice, the intensified pulsed light, emitted during the treatment, hits the hair bulbs. This procedure causes the follicle and the blood vessels that nourish it to overheat. In this way, the vitality of the cells of the matrix responsible for hair regrowth is compromised. For the process to be selective towards unwanted hair and not affect other tissue, it is necessary to use pulsed light with wavelengths in the range of 590-1200 nanometers. When the melanin contained in the bulbs absorbs radiation, the energy contained in them is transferred to the bulb in the form of heat. This causes high temperatures to be reached, which progressively causes the follicle to degrade (thermolysis).

As the treatments are carried out, the hairs grow back less quickly (from 4 weeks in the earlier stage to several months later) and are increasingly thinner. In our beauty center in Barcelona, ​​hair removal with pulsed light is performed by highly qualified personnel. We recommend informing you consulting with your doctor, who, being aware of your medical history, can rule out the presence of contraindications. The power setting of the instrument and the frequency of treatment depends on hair characteristics (color, diameter, and hair density), phototype, skin lesions, and concomitant pathologies or the use of photosensitizing drugs.

Phases of an IPL session

Preliminary phase – The skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove residues of dirt, makeup, perfumes, deodorants, or any product that can interact with the laser (and that can be mistaken for melanin). At the end of this operation, the area to be treated is shaved to ensure the success of the session. If the hairs were longer than 2 mm, in fact, the power of the light beam would not only act on the bulb, which is the real target, but it would be scattered along the axis, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Epidermal test – The thermal reaction of the skin is evaluated: the operator adjusts the fluence (energy emitted per square centimeter) and makes the handpiece, equipped with a glass surface, adhere to a small area of the skin. After about two minutes, the result is observed and the device settings adjusted accordingly. This step should be done at the beginning of each session, as skin conditions can vary.

Hair removal phase: The operator carefully passes the device throughout the region desired. When finished, the skin is cleansed again and soothing cream is applied to prevent redness. Also in the following days, it will be useful to apply a cream to protect and hydrate the skin even more. Sometimes, before proceeding with hair removal, the operator may apply a topical anesthetic cream to some particularly sensitive areas of the body.

pecho depilado hombre

Contraindications and side effects

IPL Treatment does not damage the surrounding tissues and is not very painful. Only slight tingling is felt. In case of being particularly sensitive, the skin may show a temporary redness, which disappears within a few hours of treatment. However, there are cases in which this method is contraindicated: in pregnancy, for example, or if you use drugs that prohibit sun exposure with a range of 515 to 1200 nm., If you have undergone recent tanning treatments if you suffer from diabetes and have any previous keloid scars. The side effects are almost nil. Costs

Obviously, the costs vary according to the area of the body to be treated. As an example, consider an average of 30-60 euros per hair removal session. We also offer you packages at more advantaged prices that include a certain number of sessions.

Pulsed light hair removal is an aesthetic technique that allows the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Differences between IPL hair removal system with pulsed light and laser hair removal

Pulsed light hair removal

During treatment, a high-intensity polychromatic light (IPL) is converted into heat when it hits melanin (the pigment that gives hair its dark color). This generates a strong increase in temperature, which is transferred to the hair bulb and undergoes degeneration. The principle of action is comparable to that of laser hair removal, with the major difference being, that this latest technology acts at unidirectional and monochromatic wavelengths (IPL).

Our qualified professionals in our aesthetic center in Barcelona can detect any side effects and choose the most appropriate treatment, depending on the characteristics of the hair and skin. Pulsed light hair removal is a newer treatment even though both technologies are based on the same method, selective Photothermolysis. In the IPL hair removal system the energy absorbed by a chromophore (in this case the melanin contained in the hair) is transformed into heat. Overheating the hair and denaturing the structures that regenerate it (bulb, dermal papilla and cells of the matrix). If the operation is successful, the skin around the follicle is not affected. Pulsed light uses a broad-spectrum light source, that is, with different wavelengths useful for hair removal, including in the range of 590-1,200 nanometers.

piernas cansadas

Stop tired legs

Tired legs in hot season. Professional therapeutic massage to improve circulation.

Do you feel tired and heavy legs especially at the end of the day or after long standing stays? Do you have a burning and tingling sensation?

piernas cansadas

Many people of any age suffer from leg discomfort, particularly in summer.

In many cases, even if there is no pain, a state of swelling may occur.

Swelling in the legs is more common in women who spend a lot of time in a static position, such as standing or sitting.

When the symptoms of swelling and heaviness are recurrent, there may be several pathologies of clinical interest that must be evaluated by a doctor.

For example, varicose veins are characterized by heaviness, tired legs – swollen and painful -. Cramps in the calves, tingling and dilation of the veins. These symptoms usually get worse with the heat.

A feeling of weight in the lower limbs may also depend on lymphedema. That is to say, an accumulation of liquids due to an insufficiency of the lymphatic system.

How heat causes tired legs

In summer, you would like to have toned, tanned and fit legs. Instead you find yourself dealing with swollen ankles, tired legs, heavy and tingling. High temperatures, in fact, worsen the quality of normal circulation in the veins.

The heat induces a dilation of the blood vessels, which acts as a mechanism of internal heat dissipation to maintain the balance of the organism. However, if the venous return system is altered the venous dilatation induces blood stagnation in the legs. This triggers a fluid leakage mechanism in the tissues, with the appearance of swelling, heaviness and pain.

In most cases, tired and swollen legs are the result of an accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues (fluid retention).

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Causes of tired legs

The causes are many. They range from water retention to low physical activity and poor posture. Another cause is a bad diet, especially if it is low in fiber. The hereditary factor also influences.

Treatment for tired legs

In Aurum Wellbeing we propose to balance the blood flow through Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.

Treatment of tired legs

The treatment of tired legs is specific for this type of pathology. With the help of essential oils the blood and lymphatic circulation is activated. Essences such as rosemary and cypress help blood circulation. While the essential oil of geranium is a powerful activator of the lymphatic circulation. These essences are diluted in sesame oil that helps their penetration to be more effective.

This massage is performed with emptying manipulations directing the liquids towards the trunk.

Foot reflexology

Our foot is considered “the peripheral heart”. Through its stimulation the good circulation and the muscular and energetic natural activity of the legs are restored. Even the organs affected by the reflex points will benefit greatly.

Reflexology is very suitable for all those disorders of the lower extremities: heaviness, swelling and water retention, also improving cellulite.

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Lymphatic drainage

This type of massage can stimulate the lymphatic circulation and also the blood. This is how fluids move and are expelled naturally, that is, through urine.

Lymphatic drainage is efficient not only for swollen legs, but also painful, heavy and tired. It is also excellent for people with varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, and for those who suffer from tingling and / or muscle cramps.