Quarantine Wellbeing

Care to restore well-being after quarantine

Aurum Wellbeing would like to give you advice on the care to recover well-being after quarantine. It has been a very difficult few weeks. Almost two months of confinement full of worries in which the nerves have been on the surface and that is something that not only our mind has suffered, but also our body. Our routines have completely changed, in many cases, the diet has also changed and insomnia has made an appearance. To this must be added that our physical activity has been drastically reduced by the mere fact of not being able to leave the house. It has been something detrimental to our well-being.

Fortunately, little by little we are welcoming this “new normality”. In which we must focus on recovering part of that well-being that we had lost. Taking up sports gradually is the best way to achieve it, as long as it is done consciously and setting realistic goals. It is also advisable to be constant in practice and not forget that recovery is as important as activation. Especially now that more injuries can occur.

For this, in order to achieve better stamina and accelerate the recovery period, massages can be a determining key factor.

These massages, in addition to the therapeutic or decontracting ones, can also be an excellent way to take care of our back and give it an extra dose of pampering after so many sedentary days in which surely there have been incorrect postures in chairs or armchairs that have not done more than harm us.

It is clear that physically it has not been easy for many parts of the body, so all help is little.

Regain well-being after quarantine with treatments such as lymphatic drenage.

In this treatment, slow and rhythmic pressures are exerted on the legs to try to end the accumulation of liquids in certain areas, they are also appreciated. At Aurum Wellbeing we are experts in this technique, perfect for eliminating toxins and feeling an immediate sense of lightness. Also the anti celulitis massage, another of our center´s specialties that we recommend in order to reconnect with states of being.

Care for your skin

In addition, now is the ideal time to restore that shine to our skin, drier than usual, with a lack of tone and a lack of vitamin D after so many days constantly exposed to the blue light emitted by electronic devices. The treatment that can best achieve this goal is a good professional facial cleansing like the one we do at Aurum Wellbeing. Because it allows the skin to be completely purified by removing dead cells, blackheads, pimples or other small skin defects that may have appeared in all this time. In addition, to remove dead cells from your body and make it easy for your body to regain color, you can opt for body exfoliation.

Afterwards, it is convenient not to lose the habit of taking care of our skin at home not only with daily hygiene but with the usual morning and night protocol. Better that it adapts to the characteristics of our face, as well as with a deep exfoliation once a week. Finally, we must not forget about sun protection now that walks are once again, part of our life even if they are limited. Because with the first sun exposure the appearance of spots or small pimples can be very common.