Female Waxing

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For female hair removal we recommend waxing as it is the most effective current hair removal method.

At any time of the year, on any occasion, having soft legs, in addition to being an appreciable aesthetic achievement, also positively influences the mood. It will allow you to keep the skin soft and silky for at least 4 weeks, and consists of the set of waxes and resins that, once heated, stimulate the opening of the hair bulb, capture unwanted hair and uproot it from the roots.

In particular, hair is not cut but removed from its hair bulb and this guarantees a fairly long-lasting result. Epilation should always be done on dry skin and, to facilitate removal, the hair should be about 4 mm long. We recommend doing an exfoliating treatment a few days before, to prepare the skin and avoid the formation of ingrown hairs.

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Waxing Rates

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  • Waxing
  • Upper lip
  • Armpits
  • Eyebrows
  • Legs and thighs
  • Half legs
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Waxing
  • 8€
  • 8€
  • 11€
  • 24€
  • 12€
  • 14€
  • 15€
  • Waxing
  • Upper lips: 8€
  • Armpits: 8€
  • Legs and thighs: 24€
  • Half legs: 12€
  • Muslos: 14€
  • Buttocks, lumbar 22€
  • Perianal: 12€
  • Pubic: 15€
  • Full intimate zone: 30€
  • Arms: 15€
  • Half arms: 11€
  • Half back: 10€
  • Inner buttocks
  • Pubis
  • Complete intimate zone
  • Arms
  • Half harms

  • Half back
  • 12€
  • 15€
  • 30€
  • 15€
  • 11€
  • 10€

Armpits and arms

Shaving your armpits makes you sweat less during the hottest periods.

In this part of the body, the use of a razor, in addition to causing redness and irritation of the skin, leads to rapid growth of unwanted hair. Instead, waxing allows you to keep your skin clean and hair-free for at least 4 weeks.

Very often women, especially if they are dark in complexion, have to deal with unsightly unwanted hair on their arms. With hot waxing on your arms, you can get rid of it for several weeks and delay its growth. Waxing lasts an average of 2 months, but in some cases it can last for even longer periods.

How to have smooth legs without ingrown hairs?

Secrets of female waxing

Warm waxing solves this problem by allowing you to enjoy smooth legs for several weeks before unwanted hair grows back.

The waxing of the legs with hot wax consists of applying hot wax on the skin and, after a few seconds, plucking them with a reverse movement of the hair. In this way, the hair will be pulled directly from the hair bulb. The heat allows the greater opening of the pores and the weakening of the hair follicles, for this reason, in the long run, the waxing of the legs, practiced constantly, reduces the density and size of the hair.

Female waxing: Mustaches and eyebrows

At least once it will have happened to you to have the perfect dress and a fabulous hairstyle, but there on the upper lip, are those pesky unwanted hairs that nullify all our efforts.

Avoid unwanted unsightly effects and choose a complete facial hair care.

The duration of mustache waxing varies from case to case and varies from 10 to 20 days. For optimal results, the hair should be approximately half a centimeter long.