Waxing: that “silk” effect that lasts a long time

More and more people are realizing that hair removal not only responds to aesthetic needs but is effective for the well-being of the whole body.

In Aurum Wellbeing we do not consider it as a simple “shave” of a part of the body and we do not refer only to the aesthetic benefits.

In addition we take into account that the skin is not the same and should be treated differently and properly. We especially take care of sensitive skin preventing the formation of cystic hairs. Before starting the cleaning phase, we prepare the area to be depilated. An indispensable moment that must be done carefully to avoid annoying side effects.

For example, complete hair removal eliminates unpleasant odors and counteract the appearance of bacteria.

Among numerous alternatives, removing hair with wax is the solution that still remains the most effective and lasting.

In our beauty center you can request hair removal from all areas of the body: back, arms, legs, intimate areas, face, etc.

Always remember that taking care of your body is not only a pleasure but also a necessity.

How many times have you thought about how you would be without those “hairs”?

A valid question both when you try to counteract the summer heat and when you wrap yourself in winter sweaters.

By offering the male hair removal service, we are fully aware of taking care of your well-being.

Order, hygiene and professionalism are the three basic elements for all the services we offer in our beauty center in Barcelona.


Waxing with hot or cold wax

One of the most effective methods of hair removal to eliminate unwanted hair: it is durable and guarantees a perfect result.

A mixture of waxes and resins is used which, once heated, is applied to the skin and then removed with a decisive movement. The heat of the wax stimulates the opening of the hair bulb, facilitating hair removal. The hairs are uprooted and grow back after about 4 weeks.

In addition, hot waxing weakens hair that, over time, reduces in number and is softer.

This method of hair removal can cause vasodilation, so it is not suitable for those suffering from capillary fragility or varicose veins or venous insufficiency. In fact, it is not recommended for pregnant women, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, a period in which there is greater capillary fragility.

In Aurum Wellbeing we are specialists in waxing for men.

Machine hair removal

For machine hair removal we use a manual device that plucks unwanted hair. It is a non-painful method that has no restriction. It can also be very comfortable because you should not wait a minimum time to do it again.

Upper lip € 18
Chin € 26
Neck € 26
Alba line € 26
Sideburns € 26
Armpits € 29
Perianal area € 30
English € 35
Full arms € 45
Buttocks € 45
Half legs € 49
Thighs € 49
€ 55 beard
Back and shoulders € 99
Chest and abdomen € 99
Pubis € 29
Full body € 300