Diode Barcelona laser hair removal.

Diode laser hair removal. This hair removal is a latest generation that allows you to obtain permanent and effective hair removal. Indeed it removes more than 80% of the hair and leaves less than 20% practically invisible.

This method is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Melanin captures the energy of the light emitted by the laser instrument that, transformed into heat, acts selectively on the hair bulb.

Compared to other treatments, it is therefore more effective. Since it does not disperse its energy in the surrounding tissues, but only selects the hair bulb. For this reason the skin is not affected in any way.

Thanks to selective photothermolysis, diode laser treatment is suitable for all skin types.

The treatment is simple, quick and painless. It can also be customized based on some parameters that could change the time, mode and duration depending on the type of hair.

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Depilacion laser precios:

Zona Precio Normal Con descuento Precio Bono
Labio superior 18€ 10,80€ 54€
Barbilla 26€ 15,60€ 78€
Cuello 26€ 15,60€ 78€
Linea Alba 26€ 15,60€ 78€
Patillas 26€ 15,60€ 78€
Axilas 29€ 17,40€ 87€
Zona Perianal 30€ 18€ 90€
Ingles y Pubis 45€ 27€ 135€
Brazos Completos 45€ 27€ 135€
Gluteos 45€ 27€ 135€
Medias Piernas 49€ 29,40€ 147€
Muslos 49€ 29,40€ 147€
Barba 55€ 33€ 165€
Espalda y Hombros 99€ 59,40€ 297€
Pecho y Abdomen 99€ 59,40€ 297€
Cuerpo Completo 300€

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