Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and aesthetic pedicure: Health and beauty

Aesthetic manicure and pedicure are not simply manicures and pedicures intended in the classic sense of “doing your nails” or applying nail polish.

At Aurum Wellbeing we carry out an aesthetic treatment aimed at the care and well-being of the skin and nails of the hands and feet.

The aesthetic manicure and pedicure treatment must be carried out periodically. In fact it serves not only to keep the nails in order and cared for, but to improve the health of the epidermis.

On the one hand we treat the cuticles, shorten and harmonize the shape and length of the nails. Then we give a massage with relaxing products.

In summary, we offer a real beauty treatment and not only aesthetic care. During all our treatments we use professional products.

Aurum Wellbeing’s aesthetic pedicure is a true health and beauty treatment for the feet.

In particular the SPA pedicure includes: foot bath to relax the feet and soften the skin. We use special foot soap, respecting the pH of the area.

Then we apply a cream to the nail area to easily remove the excess skin, respecting the skin that protects the nail.

Exfoliation is essential to remove dead cells. In this way, circulation in the area increases and the penetration of treatment products, such as creams, etc. is facilitated.

The adjustment and filing of the nails is done with a suitable cut so that they do not cause onychocryptosis (fingernail) and possible infections.

The elimination of superficial hyperkeratosis (calluses) allows the foot to return to its softness and eliminate discomfort caused by them.

We complete the aesthetic pedicure with the application of long-lasting moisturizer and enamel and massage.

In addition, you have the possibility of including a foot reflexology treatment after your pedicure.

Foot Reflexology Reflexologia Podal

Menu of beauty services hands and feet

Manicure € 10 (long-lasting enamel application + € 2)

French manicure € 13

SPA Manicure Treatment (with peeling, massage, application of regenerating and firming cream) € 25

Pedicure € 15 (long-lasting enamel application + € 2)

SPA Pedicure Treatment (with peeling, massage, application of regenerating and firming cream) € 30