Facial Cleansing

Full facial cleansing: beauty treatment

Complete facial cleansing is the most important treatment to prevent or treat acne and skin impurities.

Full facial cleansing allows the skin to be completely purified by removing dead cells, pimples or other small skin defects.

Aurum Wellbeing professional facial hygiene consists of several steps:


Application of a cleansing foam that gently and deeply removes impurities from the skin while respecting the skin’s pH.

We proceed with PEELING

Application of exfoliating products to favor the detachment of dead cells anchored to the superficial layer of the skin, reducing the hyperkeratinization of the pimples. The exfoliation treatment is not recommended in case of sensitive, cuperosa skin, affected by sunburn or dermatitis.

Then we proceed with the application of a TONIC, a refreshing and alcohol-free substance that invigorates the skin and tones it.

Subsequently, the face is sprayed with HOT STEAM. The humidity, in addition to moisturizing the skin, stimulates the dilation of the pores, promoting their emptying. Steam treatment is contraindicated for especially sensitive skin, especially if it is affected by the cuperose.

The next step is the MANUAL ELIMINATION of blackheads and impurities, which we always carry out with extreme care and delicacy.

Then sesame oil is applied with essential oils specific to the skin type for the quick recovery of the skin after extraction.

Next, a CONCENTRATED ANTI-AGE SERUM is applied, always specific to the type of skin, with anti-redness, inflammation, moisture, nutrition or balance of sebum.

We proceed with a delicate and relaxing MASSAGE, with a lymphatic drainage action to decongest the critical points, eliminating toxins that stagnate in the system.

Finally we apply a MASK depending on the type of skin and then a moisturizer, emollient and protective.

Full facial cleansing to revitalize the face and eliminate blackheads. € 50.