Eyelash Lifting: longer and thicker eyelashes

The eyelash lift is a specialized, fast and effective treatment to rejuvenate and revitalize your eyelashes.

After a curvature and if necessary also dyeing, we proceed to a treatment based on keratin and vitamins. Thus the eyelashes acquire elasticity and shine and appear visibly healthier.

Who is the eyelash lift recommended for?
In the case that the eyelashes grow too straight or down. This way the eyelashes will appear more visible and thicker;
For those who have eyelashes that grow very messy. In this case we will enhance the look that becomes more precise even when applying the mask;
If you have very dry and brittle eyelashes: in this case we nourish the eyelashes that will be healthier, revitalized and nourished;
In the case of having very thin eyelashes: the main function of the treatment is to thicken and lengthen the hair.
Very long and stiff eyelashes: after treatment, the hair becomes softer, silky and natural;
For those who are taking a break from eyelash extension.

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Eyelash Lifting  Barcelona

Few know that …
For this treatment to be truly effective, the procedure must be repeated several times. It is optimal to perform sessions 3-4 times in about 4 months.

The application times must be calculated based on the structure of the hair, which, of course, is not the same for all types of eyelashes.

Keratin plays a decisive role in hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. The goal of the treatment is to restore a good level of keratin within the hair. Its adequate amount protects the eyelashes from the harmful action of ultraviolet rays. It also helps keep hair hydrated and therefore counteracts the effects of more aggressive treatments such as coloring or perms.

The eyelash lifting treatment is a SPA treatment, not purely aesthetic: it is an internal and external health treatment of our eyelashes and eyebrows.

Professional eyelash lift treatment in Barcelona
A well-executed lash lamination treatment allows us to educate the lashes to the shape we want the most by configuring the direction, curvature and inclination of the lashes.

It has no significant contraindications. However a test is always recommended if you have doubts about the sensitivity to some components.

To mold the shape and obtain an excellent lash lift, lamination intervenes on the “sulfur bridges”, sulfur amino acids called disulfides. These sulfur bridges are among those most responsible for lash structure, stability, and appearance. They are found in cystine, an amino acid in keratin. Keratin is a protein made up of long strands of amino acids that support the eyelashes, ensuring elasticity, strength and length.

To break or reduce these bridges, the lashes are first treated with a reducing agent. This chemical lifts the scales of the cuticle and, by penetrating inside, reduces the inter and intramolecular sulfur bridges. The eyelashes are thus denatured and are in a moldable state.

The most widely used reducing agents are those of the Thiol family. Some thiols can be used in the right concentrations and at the right time to fulfill their function of reducing bridges, without damaging the lashes.

During the reduction of these sulfur bridges, the bonds take a few hours to reform. At this time, therefore, the eyelashes can be modeled according to the desired shape (for example, in a curved mold).

Bridges interrupted by reducing agents must be reconstituted. To do this, a neutralizer is applied that blocks the destructuring process and fixes the shape. For this reason it is important that the eyelashes do not get wet for at least 24 hours.

Nourish Lashes: Incredibly Neat and Curved Lashes
In this phase in which the eyelashes are still receptive to nutrients, specific preparations with Keratin, Hyaluronic and Stem are introduced.

This filling action allows to strengthen the eyelashes, realizing a true rejuvenation. In addition, thanks to the plant microproteins, a new structure and a natural thickening are restored by filling the empty spaces of the protein matrix. The lashes will be fuller and firmer and the lash lift will be healthier.

The permanent and lash lift will be long-lasting and stable for at least 5-7 weeks.