Body wraps

Body wraps with seaweed, clay, chocolate, tea with optional massage

In our massage and aesthetics center in Barcelona we propose body wraps with different active ingredients for different purposes.

Firming, based on mixtures of essential oils, made with essences of plant origin;

Draining, detoxifying and cleansing, based on algae, rich in vitamins and amino acids that allow the release of toxins

Slimming, with its toning properties, has a slimming action by promoting the elimination of fluids through diuresis and deflating critical parts of the body such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Anti-cellulite, through clay and algae that eliminate excess fluids, detoxifying and reducing water retention.

Anti-cellulite treatments with body wraps and massages

Cellulite is a blemish that can affect not only overweight women, but also those who are fit. This is because cellulite is an inherent disorder of microcirculation: the lymphatic drainage system removes toxins from our body, but what if it doesn’t work well? Toxins accumulate, subcutaneous fluids stagnate, and the skin becomes inflamed, causing the much-hated orange peel skin.

In our aesthetic center in Barcelona we apply wraps that contain various active ingredients, which perform a reducing and anti-inflammatory action. They also improve the circulatory and lymphatic systems and stimulate fat cell metabolism, deflating edema and draining excess fluids. In this way, after application you will immediately feel lighter and more toned legs, and the skin will look smoother and silky to the touch.

The active ingredients with draining action remain in contact with the skin for some time and are deeply absorbed.

There is also a localized increase in metabolism: in this way, weight loss and weight loss are favored.

We combine professional anti-cellulite bandages with pressotherapy to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The natural active principles of the bandages are enhanced thanks to the lymphatic drainage action.

To perform a deep drainage of fluids and eliminate accumulated toxins, we can add a specific massage to drain excess fluids.

We recommend doing at least 1 or 2 sessions per week for a period of two months.

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Introductory Course to Lymphatic Drainage in Barcelona

Lighter and more toned legs

If you’ve had a difficult day and feel tired and heavy in your legs, wraps are an essential help. You will immediately feel the sensation of lighter, fresher and firmer legs, while the active ingredients will act to deeply drain the tissues, deflate edema and counteract water retention.

Seaweed body wraps

Algae act as a catalyst, allowing osmotic exchange that allows toxins to be collected, gradually releasing mineral salts, amino acids and other elements.

In addition, algae contain substances that in contact with the skin regenerate it, keeping it young, compact and hydrated.

The skin, in contact with the algae, recovers tone, luminosity, elasticity. The fabrics, which quickly absorb the marine elements, regain vitality.

Thanks to the action of iodine and potassium salts, stagnant edema is reabsorbed and circulation regains vigor, infusing the whole body with new energy and dynamism.

Seaweed wraps are not just a cosmetic treatment. They act in depth spraying each cell with marine energy derived from the contribution of iodine which, by nourishing the thyroid, stimulates metabolism, accelerating all cell regeneration processes.

The bandages need to be repeated for a few weeks so that the renewal cycle is complete and the benefits are continuous and long-lasting over time.