Aurum Wellbeing – Aesthetic services

Aesthetic Services Menu at Aurum Wellbeing Barcelona

Facial hygiene. € 50. Deep facial cleansing to revitalize the face and eliminate blackheads.

Body exfoliation. € 35. Removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This way you get a uniform tan and a greater penetration of the products that are going to be applied in other treatments.

Pedicure. € 35.

Manual lymphatic drainage. € 50. It is a massage technique that works by helping the lymphatic system, thus improving edematous symptoms, inflammations and retention of organic liquids. It also helps in post-operative processes.

Anti-cellulite massage. € 40. Time 45 min. Intense and deep massage so that fat accumulations are mobilized and eliminated, thus reducing cellulite. It is accompanied by aromatherapy, specific essences that help improve the appearance of the skin.

Firming massage. € 40. Time 45 min. Intense massage accompanied by specific essences that help reduce sagging skin.

Foot Reflexology. € 35. Time: 30 min. It is a manual foot massage by touching the reflex points of the body and organs, thus revitalizing them.

Other aesthetic services and treatments:

Diamond-tipped facial cleansing.

Facial treatment with Fores Marinas.

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