Aesthetic services

Facial. € 50. Revitalizing deep facial cleansing to get rid of blackheads.

Body exfoliation. € 35 removes the outer layer of dead skin cells to obtain a uniform tan and a greater skin absorption of the products applied in other treatments.

Pedicure. € 35.

Manual lymphatic drainage. € 50. A massage technique that acts helping the lymphatic system, improving edema dependent areas, swelling and retentions of organic liquids. It also helps in post-operative processes.

Anti-cellulite massage. € 40. Time 45 min. Intense and deep massage so that the accumulations of fats are mobilized and removed, thus reducing cellulite. It is accompanied with aromatherapy; specific essences that help improve the appearance of the skin.

Firming massage. € 40. Time 45 min. Intense massage accompanied by specific essences that help reduce sagging skin.

Other treatments:

Podiatric reflexology. € 35. It is a manual massage on the feet touching the reflex points of the body and organs to revitalize them. Duration 30 minutes.