remedio contra el estrés

Flower Essences, remedy against stress

Flower essences, remedy against stress. Return to work, back to school

Authentic elixirs for health and emotional harmony


How to improve the mood after the holidays
Flower essences as a remedy against stress

The period after returning to work and school is often accompanied by a situation of concern, which in some cases can become a real malaise.

If stress remains, it can cause physical and mental harm. In fact, the stress that derives from daily responsibilities – work, study, family – is usually the most common.

In addition you can also suffer discomfort in situations of sudden changes.

The symptoms are very varied. For example pain, insomnia, irritability, depression, are some.

As a remedy against stress, we propose Findhorn flower essences.

Generally speaking, the floral essences act in our mind and in more subtle levels giving us immediately a feeling of well-being, calmness or energy.

remedio contra el estrés

How can flower essences help?

  • Relieve emotional stress
  • They bring a sense of clarity, peace and a sense of inner well-being
  • Help in achieving more confidence and security
  • They stimulate personal growth
  • Enhance intuition in periods of transition

Managing the anxiety and stress that can characterize this moment becomes essential to not have important consequences in daily life.

To combat stress we propose different flower essences

remedio contra el estrés

If the work environment is dense with tension

Protection of negative energies

Psychic Protection

If the return to work is especially intense

Revitalizing vital force in case of fatigue and exhaustion

Life Force

To optimize energies and maintain a state of calm

Inner calm: attention and energy in the right direction

Calm me down


To combat seasonal conditions

The holiday return coincides with the change of season

Seasonal Affections to alleviate seasonal emotional discomforts


How flower essences are used

Put several drops under your tongue or in a glass of water and drink throughout the day.

It can also be added to bath water, to creams or sprayed into the environment.

Its effectiveness is greater if they are frequently used in small doses. In case of crisis increase the frequency.

Findhorn Flower Essences

Findhorn Flower Essences are made following traditional methods from flowers that grow in Scotland.

In Aurum Weelbeing Barcelona we apply different techniques to increase relaxation. In addition to natural products we offer professional anti-stress massage service




reflexología podal

Foot reflexology: discover all its health benefits

Foot reflexology is a special type of massage that is performed on specific points of the foot to restore the energy balance of the entire body. Useful in case of congestion and tension, helps against back pain, cystitis, anxiety and stress.

At Aurum Wellbeing Barcelona we are specialists in foot reflexology. Check the details of this service.

The beneficial consequences of pressure on certain areas of the human body

The massage compresses and stimulates specific points in the feet, energetically related to organs and devices. In fact, the feet are sensitive to pressure points that refer directly to other organs of the body.
This allows to prevent and treat possible imbalances of the organism.

reflexología podal

In other words from the foot can act as a reflex in each part of the body, resolve disturbances and restore the lost order. By touching the various points of the foot, for example those corresponding to the liver or kidney, the type of pain can be identified, whether it is a recent or old problem.
The right foot corresponds to the most rational part. On the other hand, the left foot corresponds to the emotion, that is, to fears, anxieties, etc.

Problems that are solved thanks to foot reflexology

Foot reflexology tends to improve in three main areas: congestion, inflammation and tension. The goal is to gradually eliminate, during the sessions, these often interconnected conditions.
It is suitable for the most common pains: for example back pain and headaches. It has also revealed a great tool to quit smoking or to reduce insomnia.
They overcome problems such as cystitis, indigestion, cellulite, stress, cramps, arthritis and anxiety.

How to perform a foot reflexology session

The expert therapist usually divides the session into three phases.

  1. Identification of painful points and the parts that should be submitted to treatment.
  2. Treatment that aims to balance the different organs.
  3. More specific and personalized massage on the points that reflect a greater imbalance of the organs.

reflexología podal

The complete treatment cycle includes 10-12 sessions, each approximately 45 minutes.

The reflexologist therapist exerts pressure with the thumb, with which he can press and rub according to the needs of the patient.

Avoid treatment in pregnant women, during the menstrual cycle and in extremely nervous or agitated subjects. It is also advisable to carry out the massage away from meals.

cabello seco

Dry hair in summer?

Dry hair in summer? We suggest an effective and natural treatment.

In summer there is more risk of having dry hair. Outside and inside the water, the salt, the sun and the sea dry your hair?

Hair care in the summer is even more important because our hair is likely to be damaged more easily due to frequent sun exposure and salinity.

cabello seco

Then, when you return from the beach, do not forget to reserve the proper hydration also to the hair. We recommend applying avocado vegetable oil, especially for hair damaged by the sun. In fact, this oil is especially effective for combating dryness and opacity.

It is rich in vitamin E. Additionally it has an unsaturated fatty acid content that can reach up to 75%, is rich in oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6).

Exceptionally concentrated in unsaponifiable matter with phytosterols and squalene.


aceite vegetal de aguacate 60 ml.

Avoid your hair summer stress: opaque or distorted color, with fibrous effect and without energy that runs the risk of breaking and falling.

So treat it with the same care you give your skin. A specific cosmetic that protects it from solar radiation, from salt and chlorine in swimming pools and rich in hair fiber regenerating substances.

Dry hair after a dip in the pool

In the pool the drops work like a lens and amplify the sun’s rays. When the hair gets wet with the chlorinated water from the pools, then it becomes dry and brittle.

Danger is chlorine, a heavy metal that can bind to hair proteins and damage it. The risk is greater when it comes to chemically treated hair: with permanent and discoloration, the hair is slightly more porous, therefore more fragile and sensitive.

The natural avocado oil for dry hair

Avocado extracts an oil that is used in cosmetics as an ally of beauty for the skin and hair. In fact, it promotes growth and is effective against falling.

This penetrates the cell layer well thanks to its high content of oleic acid.


cabello seco

Avocado oil contains many monounsaturated fatty acids – linoleic acid, pantothenic acid and oleic acid. It also contains lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin B, C, E, and minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, copper and phosphorus, lutein and glutathione.

This oil is not only effective for hair, it also moisturizes the skin of the body and nails. It acts against cutaneous aging and inflammation.

Its content of palmitoleic acid confers a regenerative effect, since this is a fatty acid linked to the cellular nutrition of the skin.


piernas cansadas

Stop tired legs

Tired legs in hot season. Professional therapeutic massage to improve circulation.

Do you feel tired and heavy legs especially at the end of the day or after long standing stays? Do you have a burning and tingling sensation?

piernas cansadas

Many people of any age suffer from leg discomfort, particularly in summer.

In many cases, even if there is no pain, a state of swelling may occur.

Swelling in the legs is more common in women who spend a lot of time in a static position, such as standing or sitting.

When the symptoms of swelling and heaviness are recurrent, there may be several pathologies of clinical interest that must be evaluated by a doctor.

For example, varicose veins are characterized by heaviness, tired legs – swollen and painful -. Cramps in the calves, tingling and dilation of the veins. These symptoms usually get worse with the heat.

A feeling of weight in the lower limbs may also depend on lymphedema. That is to say, an accumulation of liquids due to an insufficiency of the lymphatic system.

How heat causes tired legs

In summer, you would like to have toned, tanned and fit legs. Instead you find yourself dealing with swollen ankles, tired legs, heavy and tingling. High temperatures, in fact, worsen the quality of normal circulation in the veins.

The heat induces a dilation of the blood vessels, which acts as a mechanism of internal heat dissipation to maintain the balance of the organism. However, if the venous return system is altered the venous dilatation induces blood stagnation in the legs. This triggers a fluid leakage mechanism in the tissues, with the appearance of swelling, heaviness and pain.

In most cases, tired and swollen legs are the result of an accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues (fluid retention).

piernas cansadas

Causes of tired legs

The causes are many. They range from water retention to low physical activity and poor posture. Another cause is a bad diet, especially if it is low in fiber. The hereditary factor also influences.

Treatment for tired legs

In Aurum Wellbeing we propose to balance the blood flow through Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.

Treatment of tired legs

The treatment of tired legs is specific for this type of pathology. With the help of essential oils the blood and lymphatic circulation is activated. Essences such as rosemary and cypress help blood circulation. While the essential oil of geranium is a powerful activator of the lymphatic circulation. These essences are diluted in sesame oil that helps their penetration to be more effective.

This massage is performed with emptying manipulations directing the liquids towards the trunk.

Foot reflexology

Our foot is considered “the peripheral heart”. Through its stimulation the good circulation and the muscular and energetic natural activity of the legs are restored. Even the organs affected by the reflex points will benefit greatly.

Reflexology is very suitable for all those disorders of the lower extremities: heaviness, swelling and water retention, also improving cellulite.

piernas cansadas

Lymphatic drainage

This type of massage can stimulate the lymphatic circulation and also the blood. This is how fluids move and are expelled naturally, that is, through urine.

Lymphatic drainage is efficient not only for swollen legs, but also painful, heavy and tired. It is also excellent for people with varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, and for those who suffer from tingling and / or muscle cramps.






limpieza facial

Facial cleansing: removes imperfections of the skin

Facial cleansing is recommended to nourish and moisturize the skin, to reduce imperfections and impurities, and to counteract the passage of time.

Brighter and healthier skin

The skin of our body is completely renewed every 30 days. Every day, however, we accumulate toxic waste on our faces. As the skin is comparable to a sponge, the natural hydrolipidic film absorbs smog, makeup remains combined with several layers of dead cells.

Due to these residues, the skin is neglected and tends to weaken, fading and dimming. It also tends to form pimples, spots, wrinkles and blackheads.

Keep the skin bright and radiant through facial cleansing.

The cleaning of the face, if done correctly and regularly, protects the skin from opacity and weakening.

In fact, the skin nourishes and moisturizes and all imperfections decrease drastically.

limpieza facial

What is a professional facial cleansing

During the treatment the pores are opened to purify the skin, eliminating dirt. In addition, circular massages are performed to improve circulation.

Facial cleansing is effective to eliminate blackheads, very common at any age, also called pimples, or fat masses classified as impurities that have infiltrated the hair follicles.

At Aurum Wellbeing, a center of professional aesthetics in the center of Barcelona, we use natural soothing, astringent and anti-inflammatory extracts.

limpieza facial

Even skin without spots

Facial cleansing means caring for the skin of the face and keeping it perfectly free of all impurities.

This treatment allows to thoroughly purify the skin by eliminating dead cells, pimples and black spots. These appear due to the accumulation of toxins and harmful substances that are deposited due to an incorrect diet and lifestyle and external agents that constantly attack it.

Specific products against stains are not usually effective. A deep facial cleansing contributes to the improvement of the appearance and health of the skin of the face.

After facial cleansing we recommend protecting the skin from the sun for at least 3 days. Then the face will be ready for a perfect tan.

drenaje linfático

Lymphatic drainage: everything you need to know

Lymphatic drainage is not only an excellent massage against cellulite. In fact it produces multiple benefits for the health of the entire organism, restoring the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. For example it eliminates toxins and stimulates the immune and nervous system.

Two thirds of our body’s fluid is made up of water. For this reason it is important to understand the mobilization of fluid in our body.

drenaje linfático

What is the lymphatic system?

A few centuries ago, in the time of Hippocrates and Aristotle, there was talk of the existence of a human body of conduits carrying a white liquid. This liquid was attributed the name of white blood.

The lymphatic system is an open system and parallel to the circulatory system of the blood formed by: lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, lymph. In particular its function is to reabsorb substances and components that in the circulatory system can not pass. For example fat or liposoluble and large molecules.

The lymph is the result of the collection of substances and waste. At the beginning it is white and as it picks up substances and fats it turns yellow.

The lymph also has immune function. In fact in the lymph are white blood cells called lymphocytes and are responsible for cleaning and purifying waste. In the lymph nodes there are the large purifiers where the T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes are located. Here foreign particles are eliminated thanks to phagocytosis or cytokines that are responsible for destroying pathogens.

Lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite

It is one of the most effective anti-cellulite treatments to eliminate swelling and fluid retention. It is ideal for those who are still at an early stage of the problem.

Cellulite is often the result of severe fluid stagnation.

Thanks to the lymphatic drainage massage it is possible to solve this problem quickly, freeing the occluded lymph nodes and facilitating the flow of liquids to the main nodes.

The lymphatic drainage massage is recognized as a very effective cellulite treatment.

drenaje linfático

How a lymphatic drainage massage is performed

Although people are getting increasingly fashionable, they do not know how this massage works.

The technique of manual lymphatic drainage begins by opening the “drainage” zone, that is, by draining the neck and terminus lymph nodes.

The effect is to remove the drain plug so that the lymph can flow more quickly and easily into the bloodstream. Thus, liquids and molecules that are not necessary go through the body’s filters and are eliminated.

After draining the area of ​​the neck goes to the affected area or where there is fluid retention. Consequently, it will flow more easily.

This massage activates the lymphatic system during 2 or 3 days, eliminating and purifying everything that the body does not need.

It is performed with a soft and light touch on the surface of the skin, mobilizing the superficial lymph of the skin at specific points to take it to the main areas of “drainage”. This lymph ends up coming back to the blood by “terminus“, the end of the path of the lymphatic system and where it goes back into the bloodstream.

Lymphatic drainage also favors recovery after surgery. In a few words it drains the bruises and helps them to disappear quickly. It also helps reduce inflammation easily for quick recovery.

Cosmetic surgeons almost always recommend it, in treatments such as liposuction, liposculpture, facial cosmetic surgery and others.

drenaje linfático

A little history

The original technique was described by Dr. Vodder in the 30s. Dr. Vodder addressed pathologies related to the respiratory system. After seeing the improvements and rapidity with which his patients evolved after receiving this treatment, he applied it to other parts of the body.

Dr. Vodder proved the important benefits that the DLM produced on the body, especially in the immune and nervous system. At the same time he observed the effect on the tissues of the body helping to detoxify it. Thanks to him now we have one of the best and most effective techniques to heal the body.

prolongar bronceado

How to prolong the tan

How to prolong the tan?

The skin becomes bronze because the sun activates a defense process that stimulates the production of melatonin.

prolongar bronzeado

Tanning usually lasts between 6 and 10 days due to constant cell renewal.

However you can activate and prolong the tan thanks to products that facilitate the coloring of the skin.

Tips and natural products to prolong the tan and look tanned and healthy skin for more time.


1. Perform a deep exfoliation

Before exposing yourself to the sun, a week before or three days before sun exposure it is advisable to prepare the skin through an exfoliation. In our aesthetic center in Barcelona we offer professional body exfoliation treatments.

prolongar el bronceado

This process involves the removal of the superficial layer of the epidermis. This removes dead cells and dirt and makeup residue.

Thanks to the body exfoliation, skin tissues are oxygenated and cell renewal is favored leaving the skin soft and silky. In addition, circulation is stimulated and the skin appears immediately brighter and healthier.

2. Assume specific integrators to prolong the tan

Sun bronze is a 100% natural product based on wheat germ, carrot, lemon extract, basil, juniper extract and dunaliella algae. Accelerates and prolongs the tan, hydrating the skin and protecting it from the oxidative stress of the sun.

It is advised to take this product days before sun exposure, during and after to prolong the tan.


1. Use sunscreen appropriate to the skin type

We always recommend applying a sunscreen product to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

2. Try to hydrate at all times

Water helps to prolong the tan because it prolongs the life of the cells. So we recommend drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit such as melons and watermelons because of its high water content.


1. Use a good moisturizer

Apply a moisturizer based on aloe and rosehip in the morning, after exposure to the sun and at night.

There is also Calmaderm which is a product made from natural essences and vegetable oils, totally natural and ecological, which helps in case of skin irritation due to excess sun.

prolongar el bronceado

2. Beware of shower soap

Do not use aggressive soaps for showering. Choose natural products based on plant extracts to avoid irritations that could reduce tanning.

All ready for summer!

Also in our center in Barcelona, we offer anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage treatments and professional hair removal services to show off a perfect body.

tratamiento de la celulitis

Cellulite treatment, be ready for the summer

The cellulite treatment stops imperfections of the skin.

From effective anti-cellulite massages to stimulate the lymphatic system, to the most intense ones for circulation.

What is cellulite?
It all starts with the appearance of small orange peel signs. A bit of water retention and some swelling.

However, the edematous states of the skin, if not treated quickly, can quickly become cellulite. Cellulitis is a real pathology that affects mainly women, but also men.

In fact, cellulite is an inflammation of the connective tissue, a symptom of hormonal problems, poor diet, poor movement. Consequently, tissues are not oxygenated and the circulation is not very dynamic. Thus the skin acquires a chopped appearance, similar to a mattress, with hardening and sclerotization.


Showing body, for those who suffer from cellulite, can be really difficult.


Cellulite treatment tips

To get rid of cellulite it is fundamental to rethink your life habits.

However, to obtain faster results, it is advisable to undergo cellulite treatments performed by beauty experts.

Thanks to the different manipulation techniques in the affected areas, the connective layer of the skin is activated again. It regenerates, oxygenates and manages to drain fluids. As a result, the toxins that cause inflammation are more easily eliminated.

The anti-cellulite massage techniques are different: some act on the most superficial layer of the skin activating the lymphatic system. Others instead stimulate the connective tissue, acting right where the problem lies. However, others are even more intense and energetic. The latter especially reactivate blood circulation (Deep Tissue massage).

tratamiento de la celulitis


Main techniques of massage against cellulite

Lymphatic drainage massage: one of the most effective anti-cellulite treatments to eliminate swelling.

Although every time it is becoming fashionable people do not know the way of acting of this massage.

To begin, it is essential that a lymphotherapist or certified esthetician do it. In fact, although this massage is located in an area of ​​the body, it stimulates the entire lymphatic system, favoring the elimination of fluids and toxins. At the same time it produces important benefits in the immune and nervous system.

Cellulite is often the result of severe fluid stagnation.

Thanks to the lymphatic drainage massage it is possible to solve this problem quickly, freeing the occluded lymph nodes and facilitating the flow of liquids to the main nodes.

The lymphatic drainage massage is recognized as a very effective cellulite treatment. It is ideal for those who are still at an early stage of the problem.

To achieve maximum results, a minimum of 10 sessions are required. At the AurumWellbeing center, you are offered 5-session vouchers with a 10% discount and 10 sessions with a 20% discount.

How to understand if the session of lymphatic drainage has been effective?

Simple: if after a while the treatment ends, you feel a strong need to urinate, the result is positive. In fact, the urge to urinate is synonymous with an active and living drainage system, which expels liquids and prevents stagnation.

Deep tissue massage as a treatment for severe cellulite

When there is a lot of swelling and the skin has assumed the characteristic aspect of orange peel, it is time to intervene with a shock strategy.

In addition to the lymphatic drainage massage, useful to facilitate the expulsion of fluids from the body, it is necessary to stimulate the connective tissue with more vigorous and intense anti-cellulite treatments.

Thanks to the pressure of the fingers and knuckles in the affected areas, the Deep tissue massage reactivates the tissues and dissolves the cellulite blocks. Metabolism also benefits enormously, regaining momentum and, therefore, burning more fat.

The movement of this anti-cellulite massage is deep, and alternates slower moments to more intense moments. Thanks to this massage, the cells of the deeper layers of the skin will be better oxygenated. The result? Production of collagen will increase, helping the tissues to become compact and elastic. The metabolism, restored, will burn more fat in the body.

In our aesthetic center we perform all types of cellulite treatment. We apply and recommend natural anti-cellulite products, helping men and women prepare their body for a fantastic summer.


Depilación masculina

Mail hair removal: a growing trend

Male hair removal: Full body hair removal for men

Male hair removal: legs, arms, torso, shoulders, abdominals and private parts. Full body man hair removal

Male hair removal is a growing trend among all ages, both in summer and in winter.

Men often depilate their chest, back, private parts, but also their shoulders, legs and arms.

Depilation with machine

Unlike the rest, the body needs more sophisticated methods of hair removal because it has irregular parts.

In fact the skin is very delicate and if you opt for a hair removal machine, it is recommended to go to a specialized hair removal center.

Avoid irritations and keep your skin soft and smooth. Male hair removal Esthetic center in Barcelona

Going to a specialist beautician in male hair removal is the best option because it requires specific care and techniques. In fact the hairs of man are stronger and more resistant.

Depilation of man Full body – Private parties

More and more men opt for Full body hair removal that includes epilation of private parts. Men tend to pluck their pubic hair, for aesthetics, hygiene, comfort and for the pleasant sensation of contact. Frequently, when practicing sports, men wax their private parts.


¡It shows a better body showing the muscles and its curvature!

Wax in hot and in bands. Male hair removal Esthetic center in Barcelona

The hot wax is heated and applied to the area concerned. As soon as the wax solidifies it is removed with a precise and fast maneuver. It is an almost painless method if performed by a professional. It is ideal for all parts of the body.

The warm wax is already listed in bands. These are applied in the desired areas, heated with your hands for a few seconds and adhere to the skin. This captures and removes superfluous hair. Unlike hot wax, warm wax is used mainly in large and concentrated areas such as legs and back.

The hot wax tears the hair from the root a little more than the warm wax, although there is not much difference between them. For some parts of the body such as back and legs the wax of bands is very good.

Definitive hair removal for men with laser

The male hair removal with laser is done with a device that acts on the hair follicle, that is to the hair root. It can be done in the whole body. Thanks to its physical principle whereby light captures the dark color of the hair, it works mainly to eliminate dark hairs on a clear skin. After capturing the dark color, the laser burns the hair through the light energy. So a clear skin favors the location and elimination of dark hairs. If the hairs are clear or the skin is very dark there is not much contrast and the laser is not very effective. In these cases it is better to apply the method of waxing.

Tips for before and after hair removal

In general it is necessary to avoid shaving especially chest and back if there is an irritation or a solar erythema. First it is recommended to treat the skin with a good moisturizer and softener.


Corked hair

In case of folliculitis – cystic hair – hydration with specific products is particularly important. Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer. With its very small molecular composition it penetrates deep into the skin. It can also be mixed with tea tree essential oil to prevent folliculitis.

The use of the tea tree which is bactericidal and antiseptic helps to fight bothersome folliculitis.

For the prevention of the appearance of subcutaneous hairs, irritations and redness, we recommend a specific product, the Depil Ok.

Hydration post-depilation

After waxing, limit sun exposure and use high SPF protective cream. Avoid deodorants and perfumes that can also be irritating.

It is helpful to rehydrate stressed skin and treat redness. The most indicated are those that are composed of aloe vera and rosehip.


Products that retard hair growth

There are also delays in the growth of hair and some of them with progressive hair removal that use them after hair removal will weaken the hair and making them not grow back.

For more information about male hair removal, call our Cosmetic Center in Barcelona.


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