Black cleaning

Back cleaning is an aesthetic treatment that aims to improve the appearance of the skin. In our center in Barcelona we eliminate dead cells and impurities with rigorous and professional processes.

Back cleansing to remove impurities

The area of ​​the back, also given the difficult position to reach in daily hygiene, is very often the home of blackheads and comedones, starting points for possible inflammation from which acne can derive.

Treatment description

back cleaning
body scrub
steam application
Removal of blackheads and comedones
Specific cream application
absorption massage

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What are pimples on the back?

Pimples on the back represent an annoying and unsightly skin disorder.

In most cases, they are a consequence of acne. However, they can also occur in patients who do not have the condition.

In particular, the problem of pimples on the back mainly affects adolescents and young adults. While it is rare in people who are middle-aged or older.

The pimples that appear on the back do not affect only and exclusively the patients who suffer from the acne disorder. They can also appear individually or sporadically as simple whiteheads (closed comedones) or pimples.

In other cases, so-called pimples may appear under the skin.


Cosmetic products for back cleaning

In the presence of pimples on the back, it is advisable to use delicate detergents that are capable of cleaning the skin without irritating it. In addition, to promote cell renewal, it may be useful to resort to body stripping more frequently.

However, when it comes to skin hydration, it is good to choose non-greasy and light products that are capable of hydrating and nourishing without clogging the pores.

What are the causes of the formation of pimples on the back?

There is no single cause responsible for the formation of pimples on the back. In fact, it is believed that its formation is caused by a set of factors.

Among the main factors that can favor the appearance of pimples on the back we find:

  • Presence of combination or oily skin;
  • Use of low-quality cleaning products or cosmetics (for example, creams), which irritate and/or clog the skin;
  • Incorrect diet, rich in fats and very sweet or sugary foods;
  • Stressful conditions;
  • Excessive sun exposure.

As the back is covered with clothing most of the day and during most of the year, a warm and humid environment is created in this area. These conditions could favor or exacerbate the appearance of pimples and bacterial proliferation.