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Autumn is coming: 4 steps to prepare for the seasonal change

Seasonal change can lead to some imbalance in our body. It is important to prepare for the arrival of the cold season and strengthen the immune system. Let’s see how.

Seasonal change: the cold arrives

Seasonal change, especially the one that autumn brings, causes mental imbalances and physical alterations. Due to sudden changes in temperature, the decrease in daylight hours and the arrival of respiratory or intestinal viruses. In general, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and adequate amounts of sleep help maintain the body’s balance and protects us from seasonal changes. However, it may be necessary to support our body with the intake of substances to face these changes and that raise the immune defenses.

Decrease the psychic effects of seasonal change

The imbalances caused by the change of season have very specific symptoms. Among these we find a greater difficulty in sleeping caused by an alteration of the circadian cycles and therefore of the production of melatonin. To facilitate rest we recommend Melaton Plus, which helps in case of sleep disorders. In addition to this, it is possible to experience some anxiety, headaches, irritability and even asthenia. These symptoms are temporary and have simple remedies to treat them.

Flower Essences to help reducing stress and fatigue

In these cases, flower essences are extremely helpful Additionally, it may be useful to increase the intake of B vitamins so that their is an  increase in metabolic energy. Vitamin C is also essential to reduce stress and fatigue and strengthen our immune system. Omega 3 and 6 are also recommended for the change of season To deal with the symptoms due to the arrival of autumn, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sugar and alcohol and continue doing physical activity. This will help confront a sedentary lifestyle and also improve mood.

2. Strengthen the immune system

To avoid getting sick, it is necessary to think about increasing our body’s defenses. Nature provides us with beneficial substances for our body capable of increasing immunological defenses against the change of season, summer, autumn. Among these, we find the Cordyceps fungus. Zinc is a very important mineral, not only for the synthesis of vitamins B and A, but especially for fighting flu viruses and bacterial infections. It is also good for protecting the intestinal bacterial flora, which is one of the main defenses against toxins, bacteria and viruses through the ingestion of lactic ferments and probiotics.

3. Purify the body

Equally important are hydration and purification of the body. A toxin-free organism will be stronger and ready to repel attacks from external agents. The elimination of toxins from the body can find valuable help in the unique properties of essential oils. How can essential oils be useful to purify us? Among the essential oils that have the greatest detoxifying action, we recommend lemon and citrus essential oil in general, rosemary essential oil and bergamot essential oil for their toning properties. It can be used in a hot bath (putting about 10 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of almond oil and then pouring it into the bathwater). Excellent draining and detoxifying massages can also be performed, if combined with a neutral oil (it is important to remember not to expose yourself to the sun after using citrus essential oils). 1 drop of essential oil in a glass of water in the morning, or better yet in a teaspoon of sugar or honey, helps metabolism, expels toxins, improves liver function and disinfects. Aromacaps Detox is a combination of essential oils specially selected to detoxify the liver and eliminate toxins.

Detox Aromacaps of Essential Oils
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The professional lymphatic drainage in our Barcelona center allows for a better functioning of the lymphatic system. In fact, the lymphatic system is of primary importance in the constitution of the immune defenses of our body.

4. Prepare the skin

Temperatures change and get colder. One of the fundamentally important things to prepare for fall is to treat your skin in the best possible way from the summer months. It is fundamentally important to protect it from the sun’s rays and hydrate it constantly and continuously, perhaps using natural products that are also capable of nourishing it. But it is also important to act with specific creams for daily use so that the skin is flexible and healthy.


We often tend to demonize exfoliation, seen as “damaging” the tan. You have to dispel certain myths and it is important to clarify how much to exfoliate your skin, eliminating the dermis that is now dead, it is of fundamental importance for two reasons:

  • the tan becomes stronger and more durable over time;
  • the skin is better prepared to adapt to the different products that are applied. Having the skin exfoliated therefore helps the product to penetrate deeply into the skin and to be able to act correctly and functionally.
  • To do a professional body exfoliation treatment, you go to our aesthetic center in Barcelona, where we will give you personalized attention.
Exfoliación corporal

Moisturize the skin

One of the biggest mistakes often made is thinking that the skin and our body should only hydrate in summer by drinking a lot. Very serious mistake! Good hydration should be maintained throughout the year, especially in the colder months, during which the skin is subjected to strong stress from the cold and is, therefore, more prone to drying out. Therefore, it is necessary to drink in the same way and perhaps also use creams and moisturizing products that help and soften the skin to the maximum.

Lip balm, a panacea Another mistake you shouldn’t make is waiting for winter to wear lip balms. It is not necessary to get to the point when the lips tend to crack due to the severe cold, but it is good to start, during the months of summer, using natural balms that are capable of hydrating and softening the lips, especially before the change in season. In short, preparing for the change of season may seem complicated, but a few tricks are enough for each of us to face the arrival of autumn in the best possible way, using wellness products, perhaps natural, but with impact.