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Group acupuncture therapy

Group Acupuncture therapy consists of acupuncture some important points by sharing this experience with other people. Acupuncture group therapy is an opportunity to lose the fear of being pricked in different points and tissues of the body and thus be able to encourage yourself to receive a complete session. During the session each one will […]

8 beauty tips for summer

We give you our beauty tips for the summer, the result of proven experience in personal care in Barcelona. Summer has finally arrived: the skin, the hair, the whole body need different precautions. Here we give you our beauty tips to spend the summer brilliantly. When we talk about summer, we must not only think […]

The 5 essential oils to end cellulite

What are the 5 essential oils to end cellulite Cellulite and water retention: what are the main essential oils that can help fight these annoying blemishes? Cellulitis, or edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS), is a very common skin blemish, especially in women. It is caused by alteration processes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. In general, it manifests […]

Lose weight without diet with coaching

Next we will explain how to lose weight without diet well and once and for all. With this method you will become a slim person forever and naturally. If your goal is to lose weight, you need a method If your goal is to lose weight, you should know that you need a method first. […]

Weekly Yoga Course

We invite you to try our Yoga course. Come to our center in Barcelona and try a free class. Those who practice it constantly for some time have probably already had the opportunity to see its benefits: a more flexible body, a more regular sleep, a state of greater relaxation. These are some of the […]

Introduction to Coaching

Participate in our Introduction to Coaching session. You will know the benefits of this method that helps people balance their private or professional life and improve relationships with others. We are going through a difficult time, but without effort (cause and effect) we cannot achieve our objectives and we must remain Resilient and have an […]

Everything you don’t have to do after waxing

Among the advice of what not to do after waxing, avoid too intense physical exercises, exfoliation a few hours later, lying on the pool lounger without sun protection. Our tips to avoid damage … The response of our skin to a hair removal method is always very subjective. The quality of the skin and its […]

Therapeutic massage workshop

In this therapeutic massage workshop we teach you some keys so that you can do them comfortably without hurting you. Have you ever wanted to give a massage to someone you love? Learn how to do it to pamper yourself and relieve tension. Everyone can try to recreate a relaxing environment and have a massage […]

Introductory course to Lymphatic Drainage

In the Introductory Course to Lymphatic Drainage we will know the basic theory that accompanies the drainage technique according to the Vodder methodology. We are also going to locate the ganglion chains in the body. We will understand the importance of lymph and help it to redirect itself to the ganglia groups in order to […]