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Flower Essences, remedy against stress

Flower essences, remedy against stress. Return to work, back to school Authentic elixirs for health and emotional harmony   How to improve the mood after the holidays Flower essences as a remedy against stress The period after returning to work and school is often accompanied by a situation of concern, which in some cases can […]

Foot reflexology: discover all its health benefits

Foot reflexology is a special type of massage that is performed on specific points of the foot to restore the energy balance of the entire body. Useful in case of congestion and tension, helps against back pain, cystitis, anxiety and stress. At Aurum Wellbeing Barcelona we are specialists in foot reflexology. Check the details of this […]

Dry hair in summer?

Dry hair in summer? We suggest an effective and natural treatment. In summer there is more risk of having dry hair. Outside and inside the water, the salt, the sun and the sea dry your hair? Hair care in the summer is even more important because our hair is likely to be damaged more easily […]

Stop tired legs

Tired legs in hot season. Professional therapeutic massage to improve circulation. Do you feel tired and heavy legs especially at the end of the day or after long standing stays? Do you have a burning and tingling sensation? Many people of any age suffer from leg discomfort, particularly in summer. In many cases, even if […]

Facial cleansing: removes imperfections of the skin

Facial cleansing is recommended to nourish and moisturize the skin, to reduce imperfections and impurities, and to counteract the passage of time. Brighter and healthier skin The skin of our body is completely renewed every 30 days. Every day, however, we accumulate toxic waste on our faces. As the skin is comparable to a sponge, […]

Lymphatic drainage: everything you need to know

Lymphatic drainage is not only an excellent massage against cellulite. In fact it produces multiple benefits for the health of the entire organism, restoring the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. For example it eliminates toxins and stimulates the immune and nervous system. Two thirds of our body’s fluid is made up of water. For […]

How to prolong the tan

How to prolong the tan? The skin becomes bronze because the sun activates a defense process that stimulates the production of melatonin. Tanning usually lasts between 6 and 10 days due to constant cell renewal. However you can activate and prolong the tan thanks to products that facilitate the coloring of the skin. Tips and […]

Cellulite treatment, be ready for the summer

The cellulite treatment stops imperfections of the skin. From effective anti-cellulite massages to stimulate the lymphatic system, to the most intense ones for circulation. What is cellulite? It all starts with the appearance of small orange peel signs. A bit of water retention and some swelling. However, the edematous states of the skin, if not […]