benefits of thai massage

All the benefits of Thai massage

We want to talk to you about the benefits of Thai massage because you become passionate and come to try it in our massage center in Barcelona. Thai massage is a traditional healing practice that combines acupressure, yoga poses, and Indian Ayurvedic principles. This treatment helps to relax and heal a multitude of problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai massages are so popular with Thai people and people from all over the world who visit the country. This type of massage helps stimulate the sweat and sebaceous glands to produce a natural oil that nourishes the skin. Help your brain, your emotions and your body to relax, in fact it is not uncommon to fall asleep during a Thai massage treatment. In some Thai hospitals, massage therapy is used to treat stress and depression. Massage helps relieve post-pregnancy pain and stimulates the circulatory system, helping to eliminate toxins. Additionally, Thai massage can help reduce symptoms of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, swelling, and back pain. Discover below all the benefits of Thai massage.

What does Thai massage cure?

Muscles, tissues, joints Stretches and relieves muscle contractions. Blood circulation By stretching the blood vessels, you increase blood flow which ultimately strengthens the function of the body’s organs and reduces the chances of blood clotting in the arteries. Digestive system Helps lymphatic and blood vessels work more efficiently, without accumulating excessive toxic waste.
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Nervous system It stimulates the nervous system to respond better to the environment, helping you to think more clearly. Bone joints Makes the movement smoother. Extend the life of your joints. Nervous system It stimulates the nervous system to respond better to the environment, helping you to think more clearly. Emotional and mental It relaxes you and brings calm.

An elixir of youth

The benefits of Thai massage are many more. In fact, the use of pressure on the energy lines (sen) and passive stretching (similar to yoga) helps to relax the whole body to a very deep level. This deep level of relaxation improves your emotional state.
Scientific research has shown that deep relaxation promotes better rest. This deep sleep allows the body to heal itself. This is how more energy feels when you wake up.
Additionally, Thai massage helps reduce stress levels and improves overall circulation. This is accomplished by gradually moving the body through different yoga-like postures. This will improve flexibility which reduces stress and muscle tension and helps prevent accidents from falls. Slow movements allow your mind and spirit to slow down. Stress has been shown to cause heart problems. By focusing and reducing your response to stress, you will reduce the chance of heart problems. Not only that, by allowing a true level of relaxation to be reached, the extension of the muscles will be facilitated. This will help increase energy levels. With healthier muscles and more energy, you can maintain your normal weight. This lowers blood sugar levels, and prevents diabetes. Thai massage also improves the circulatory system. Better circulation brings more oxygen to the brain. Consequently, migraines and headaches are reduced. In addition, healthy circulation will reduce the chances of blood clotting in the arteries. This will even rejuvenate you! Come and try Thai massage at our massage center in Barcelona or learn how to do one yourself