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All about toning massage

Toning massage: what is it, how does it work and what are the benefits?

Many women around the world suffer from fat accumulation, cellulite and more or less deep wrinkles.

Still little practiced, the toning massage technique has shown excellent effects on skin tone and the reduction of wrinkles and other imperfections. All this thanks to biological mechanisms that are now the subject of numerous studies.

Aún poco practicada, la técnica del masaje tonificante ha demostrado excelentes efectos sobre el tono de la piel y la reducción de arrugas y otras imperfecciones. Todo ello gracias a mecanismos biológicos que hoy son objeto de numerosos estudios.

Body toning massage: what is it and how does it work?

Toning massage is a specific technique to limit the appearance of skin imperfections such as cellulite, wrinkles and general fluid retention, or to reduce their severity.

The mechanism on which toning massages are based is extremely simple. To understand how they work, it is first necessary to clarify the causes of these aesthetic defects.

Fluid retention

Water retention is a phenomenon that occurs with the accumulation of fluids within the tissues. The stagnation of these substances, of course, cannot give any positive effect, as the lack of circulation leads to the formation of waste, toxins and oxidizing molecules.

However, what causes water retention? From a mechanical point of view, it is all due to the capillary and lymphatic vessels present under the skin. These are blood or lymphatic ducts that have an inner diameter of less than a millionth of a meter, so it is very easy for them to become obstructed.

This obstruction can occur in several ways. Due to excess fat or cholesterol, for example, small plaques may be positioned on the inside of the vessel. This limits the flow of water and blood, or simply the growth of adipose tissue can exert excessive pressure on these ducts, obstructing them.

In both cases, what occurs is a malfunction of the microcirculation. The aesthetic result of this is not only the classic orange peel skin (cellulite). Also the formation of wrinkles and a greater predisposition to aesthetic defects. This is rather due to the fact that the lack of blood circulation limits the oxygenation phenomenon or the transport of nutrients, favoring the formation of imperfections.

En ambos casos, lo que se produce es un mal funcionamiento de la microcirculación. El resultado estético de esto no es sólo la clásica piel de naranja (celulitis). También la formación de arrugas y una mayor predisposición a los defectos estéticos. Esto se debe más bien a que la falta de circulación sanguínea limita el fenómeno de oxigenación o el transporte de nutrientes, favoreciendo la formación de imperfecciones.

The results of this process, of course, are not immediate: it is necessary to undergo several treatments to see an appreciable effect.

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oning massage for legs and buttocks: all the benefits

Undoubtedly one of the areas most affected by fluid retention, especially in women, are the legs. In fact, due to estrogen synthesis and other incorrect habits such as inadequate diet and lack of physical activity, they tend to accumulate fat, especially in the upper part.

As described above, these fats obstruct the lymphatic ducts, causing blemishes such as cellulite. However, when it comes to the legs, the defect is not only aesthetic but also functional, given their importance in everyday life.

In fact, some indicators of poor circulation can be ankles that tend to swell, a feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue in the thighs, as well as cold and numb feet.

In this case, several sessions of toning massage can work wonders. At the level of the buttocks, as already mentioned, movements can improve the distribution of lymph in the tissues. They promote oxygenation as well as the elimination of waste. The result, of course, consists of more toned and compact buttocks, which do not have the defect of pads.

At the level of the legs, on the contrary, the toning massage can favor the “melting” of the erythema nodosum, stimulating the flow of liquids downwards. Consequently, reducing all phenomena of swelling and numbness.

According to some studies, toning massage may also be able to improve the condition of blood vessels in women suffering from capillary fragility. The result would be attributable to the mechanical action of the toning massage, capable of stimulating a response of the blood vessels.

In the case that it is intended to be performed on the legs, therefore, the toning massage has a triple function: it is toning, functional and relaxing.

Why do a breast massage?

In the female body, one of the most beautiful and sensitive parts are undoubtedly the breasts. Unfortunately, with age, due to the increasing lack of hyaluronic acid and other fillers, it is not as firm as it used to be.

However, not all women know that one of the main causes of sagging breasts is poor circulation.

In this case, massage not only promotes the flow of lymph and blood, limiting the phenomenon of oxidative stress that is associated with other problems.

As already mentioned, what makes breasts turgid and solid in their youth is hyaluronic acid, accompanied by two proteins, collagen and elastin. These molecules are synthesized directly by the skin cells, although this ability is lost over time.

Well, through the breast firming massage it is possible to stimulate the dense layer of epithelial cells that covers this part of the body. Thus, the production of collagen and elastin is favored, as well as the aforementioned acid.

Toning massage on abdomen and arms: how to hinder fat accumulation

Undergoing breast toning massage sessions not only helps to make the breasts more beautiful and less sensitive, but also more toned and less saggy.

Undergoing breast toning massage sessions not only helps to make your breasts more beautiful and less sensitive, but also more toned and less saggy.

At the abdominal level, however, the problem is much more serious. Excess fat can not only be unsightly, but can also be positively related to metabolism-related problems.

With the toning massage on the abdomen, however, it is also possible to solve or mitigate these dysfunctions. Massaging the abdomen correctly, following specific movements, not only guarantees the aesthetic results presented above, but can also improve metabolism and reduce fat accumulation.

Thanks to the mechanical action, in fact, it is not only possible to reduce the accumulation of lipids in the abdominal area. But, with the necessary precautions, it is possible to gently stimulate the dense and complex set of glands and organs present in this area of the body. Thus, the production and release of hormones related to the control of blood glucose or the rhythm of metabolism is favored.

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Toning facial massage: an effective beauty treatment

The face is undoubtedly the calling card of every woman. If this area is neglected, it is very likely that blemishes or defects of any kind will appear, even at an early age.

The face is undoubtedly the calling card of every woman. If this area is neglected, it is very likely that blemishes or defects of any kind will appear, even at an early age.

These contraindications, however, are not present if you decide to use toning massage, which can nevertheless bring numerous advantages.

Just think, for example, of the phenomenon of dark circles under the eyes. These are often caused by capillary fragility, and as seen above through the toning massage it is possible to strengthen the blood vessels.

Wrinkles, sagging skin and even skin blemishes, on the other hand, are related not only to poor circulation, but also to the low presence of acids and proteins in the skin. With toning massage, therefore, it is very simple to stimulate the production of these essential materials, since the mechanical activity gives a “shock” to the cells responsible for their production.

Again, therefore, the toning massage is not only a way to pamper and relax, but also a very valuable tool to solve these imperfections.

Does the toning massage have any contraindications?

Except in cases where there are serious problems (e.g. breast lumps), toning massage has no major contraindications.

But be careful: this is true only as long as you trust the hands of an expert. In general, however, toning massages done by yourself are not recommended. Of course, it is permissible to gently massage your body, but this action cannot be considered a toning massage.

In addition, we do not recommend excessive pressure or overly technical movements, as you risk damaging blood vessels and nerves, in some cases irreversibly.


The toning massage is undoubtedly a valid ally of feminine beauty, capable of resolving numerous aesthetic defects. If done correctly, it can bring countless benefits.

In addition, we must not forget that toning massage is also an excellent way to pamper yourself and take time for yourself: all, of course, for the benefit of your mood.